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Episode 2 of the kinetic visual novel series, "Spare Parts."

After a bizarre first week at her new job, Lucy's finally ready to start settling into a routine. But with no more merchandise to sell, and without another plan for the business, the future seems uncertain. And a lack of imagination isn't the only thing halting progress.

As Unit 03 is given a tiny bit more freedom, Unit 01 struggles to process all kinds of new thoughts, and Lucy has to find some way to navigate the complicated relationship between the two. Not to mention the increasingly-obvious fact that Unit 02 hates her guts. As more and more complications reveal themselves, Lucy slowly begins to wonder whether she'll be able to see her promise through...or if running away is the right thing to do.

The continuation of a story about the ways we are programmed to feel, and the risks we take when sharing our heart with another.

102k words, ~8-9 hours long.