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SPYCITY is a multiplayer role-playing game with a confrontation between Spies and K.A.S. Agents hunting them. Play with 2 to 16 friends or random players at the same time in one session.


Be a Spy and complete secret missions scattered all over the map without letting other players know who you really are.
  • Cooperate and complete all common tasks as quickly as possible
  • Hide in plain sight of unsuspecting Agents
  • Look for weapons to knock out the Agents if they spot you.
  • Help other Spies get back on their feet after the Agents attack


Be a K.A.S. Agent and find out the civilian disguised as a Spy before he completes all his tasks.
  • Search for weapons to stop the found Spy
  • Change your disguise if you are discovered
  • Follow the tasks to figure out the Spy


The police are independent non-player characters who keep order in the city.

  • Draw a gun in full view of the police
  • Agents only: kill civilians

In case of violation of the laws, you will be sent to prison for a while.


  • Customizable game lobby
  • Quickly create and search game sessions
  • Lively and rich gameplay
  • A wide selection of characters
  • The growing list of game tasks