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ITS Too late again, You're returning home from work , you will face your worst nightmares ,Weird things start to happen
Will you escape your home and find out what's happening or just die ?

Experience being stalked and enjoy the mad things as YOU PLAY AS "SARAH GARRETT" An investigative Journalist

Triple (FFF) "Stalked" is a first person psychological Horror/thriller. The game takes place in a Real Neighborhood with some alterations.

∎Creepy Neighborhood based on real place with tension build-up and a story to interpret
∎No Silly Jumpscares
∎Cardboard cutouts /Paul/ Police officer
∎Music that will make your ears bleed with immersion /Voice Acting
∎Multiple Endings / Leaving Option: You can get all endings in a single run i mean if you have time for achievements.

Avg playtime maybe between 1 hour and more depending on pace and how much you explore.