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Fast-paced FPS Mecha action:

Steel Salvo is full of fast-paced action! Your mech is outfitted with dash and hover tech, carries two huge firearms and a great energy sword. Each enemy robot you face is different, from spider-turrets to swarming drones... You'll need to use all of your abilities and stay on your toes at all times to avoid being reduced to scrap metal!

Challenging Hard mode:

Beat the game in normal mode to unlock an extra challenging hard mode! Twice the number of enemies will send a hail of bullets your way. Remember to always keep moving and maybe you'll survive this grueling, almost bullet-hell experience!

Fully voiced characters!

Take part in a short story as the last hope of Neptune! Meet your commander, your mechanic, and the dastardly robot overlord, all fully voiced in english, with optional subtitles!

Made by:

Hugues ANTIPHON - Leo COMPE - Julien DI NATALE - Samuel GAY - Maxence QUENEDEY - Thomas ROGULSKI - Charlie WAGNER

With help from:
Gabriel HEUZE - Porter HUMBERT - @grenademanblitz - Yarn
And music by:
Otologic - Pocket Sound