• 35,444 Achievements Earned
  • 2,440 Players Tracked
  • 20 Total Achievements
  • 271 Obtainable EXP
  • 1,595 100% Club
Earned Date
  • Richard Hannay is living in London, England. He yearns for a more interesting life.

    96.52% (5.0)
  • Resolved to leave England for the Cape, Hannay's outlook changes as a mysterious visitor drops by.

    85.16% (6.0)
  • Scudder has confided in Hannay, but he is not out of danger. Officially dead, he must now lie low.

    78.03% (7.0)
  • The murder of the American spy suggests he wasn't talking hot air. But everything points to Hannay as the killer.

    75.20% (8.0)
  • Wanted by the police for murder, and by the real killers for knowing too much, Hannay must flee London.

    73.52% (10.0)
  • With a considerable distance between himself and his pursuers, Hannay makes his next move.

    73.48% (10.0)
  • Having decoded Scudder's book, Hannay now has all the facts - if only he can remain hidden until the second week of June.

    70.74% (13.0)
  • Sir Harry's pickle turns out to Hannay's advantage as he makes friends in high places.

    70.86% (11.0)
  • Hannay must lie low. But the Scottish police are pursuing him, with an advantage on their home turf.

    69.06% (14.0)
  • As a bespectacled roadman, Hannay comes face to face with his enemies in a grueling battle of wits.

    68.89% (15.0)
  • Things are looking desperate for Hannay, as his pursuers gain the upper hand. Running is the only option.

    68.73% (19.0)
  • In the jaws of the enemy, Hannay's fate appears sealed. The clock is ticking against Hannay and Great Britain.

    68.77% (17.0)
  • Damaged and intoxicated, Hannay escapes the clutches of the Black Stone, but they know he is nearby.

    70.00% (13.0)
  • Turnbull's nursing brings Hannay back to fighting fitness. But time is running out as June 15 draws near.

    68.85% (17.0)
  • Sir Walter Bullivant takes Hannay at his word, but fears Scudder's findings may have been a little off track.

    71.60% (10.0)
  • The Foreign Office's meeting with Royer is brought forward in a bid to derail the Black Stone's plot.

    68.69% (19.0)
  • All seems lost. But could Scudder's pocket book hold the secret to the Black Stone's whereabouts?

    68.65% (20.0)
  • Hannay is confident he has the right place, but doubts begin to surface when he sees the target.

    71.23% (11.0)
  • Could Hannay have got it all wrong? The final stand will reveal all.

    68.44% (22.0)
  • You now know the secrets of the deadly Black Stone and The Thirty-Nine Steps!

    66.19% (24.0)