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You are David, a young shepherd boy that quickly realizes he has a greater purpose than just taking care of sheep. With wisdom, skill and bravery, you will progress through many events and locations from the biblical stories of young David.

The Anointed: David Saves Keilah is a single-player, action-adventure game with platforming elements experienced in 3rd-person perspective. David traverses many locations; moving through the wilderness of Ziph, the Forest of Hereth, and the threshing floors and stronghold of Ancient Keilah, all in this single episode (1 Sam 23). As David, the player has the physical ability to walk, crawl, crouch, sprint, jump, vault over objects, climb on buildings, scale up walls, swing from ropes, and there is even a horse for those long runs through the wilderness.

Although the story is linear, there are plenty of things to discover and many paths to take to fulfill each part of David's mission to save Keilah. There is a vast open-world feel with no time limits between objectives. There are loud thunderstorms and bright sunny skies, and David has a torch to light his way inside dark rooms/areas. Dialogues and Scrolls of information (Scripture) help guide David on the right path, while providing invaluable lessons. And, there are videos (Prayer Tips) that help the player navigate the challenges ahead.

David's sling, staff, sword and spear are very useful weapons against the Philistines, the wild animals, and all the enemies of David - but Stealth and patience can be the most rewarding strategy. The Vitality, Righteousness, and Empowerment meters reflect the state of David during gameplay. Depleted Vitality (health) will force the player to start over from the last Save point, while Righteousness can be gained (stealth, scrolls, tips) through gameplay and used (V) to provide Holy Vision (a type of Xray). Empowerment is gained through gameplay, like Righteousness, but is used as a shield to Vitality (taking damage instead).

All of these elements and features come together in an exciting version of the biblical narrative of David, God's Anointed.