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Unleash your inner engineer and build factories to produce objects of every shape and size! Use a powerful system of portals to reconfigure the very nature of space itself to conform to your desires!

Warp Factory is an automation puzzle game consisting of many varied challenges - produce intricate shapes one block at a time, build intelligent systems that process randomized input, carefully assemble strange pieces into larger segments.

  • Use portals to move objects from place to place - or to transform them by rotations and reflections:

  • Use welders to build big things from small ones:

  • Use pistons and sensors to push things around:

  • Use magnets to pick up tricky to reach items:
Invent the machinery to make use of the twisting geometry of portals and apply it to a collection of challenges designed to explore every facet of an unfamiliar world of factories.


  • A unique physics engine, featuring welders, portals, pistons, sensors, magnets, and wires - and some more surprises here and there.
  • A campaign of 90+ individual levels.