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About This Game

This visual novel is a short side-story to the main Welcome To... Chichester series. It may be preferable to have played some of these games, but it isn't essential.

The Story

Set sometime during the protagonist's holiday, who desires nothing but peace and quiet away from Grendel Jinx (the protagonists supposed enemy).
However, plans go awry when Grendel becomes suspicious of the protagonist's behaviour, and starts demanding answers.


  • Funny and dramatic short story (around 15 - 30 minutes) with multiple endings. One of which is very good
  • Internal and Steam achievements
  • Gender selection with occasional unique dialogue


The Protagonist

A mass murderer, albeit a reluctant one. Continually harassed in some form by his/her own organisation and especially Grendel, who has no problem reminding the protagonist about WHAT he/she has done. They are still "friends" though...

Cindi Eglantine

Only helping Grendel because she thought she would get paid

Hotel Receptionist

Wants to make sure Grendel doesn't make a mess

Grendel Jinx

Looking for answers