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One morning, I woke up and was about to go to work, but upon leaving, I found myself in a strange place filled with dangerous monsters,
You must find a way to escape here and return to the real world, but before that, you need to collect materials, food, and weapons to ensure that you can survive here.


The game is a 3D horror survival game, where you need to collect food to ensure you don't starve to death and also face dangerous monsters.

In the game, you will play the role of a person who accidentally enters a strange world, using W, A, S, D to move, and the mouse to control the perspective.

You are not the first person to come here. There are many notes left by predecessors on the map, and reading more notes can provide more clues.

In the game, some enemies cannot be killed, and you need to avoid these special enemies.

This game includes mild horror, survival, shooting, and more.


First person horror survival game, thrilling exploration, clever survival.

A small sandbox map for you to explore.

You need to follow some strange rules in the game, otherwise you will be punished.

Exciting and tense gaming experience.

Support for Windows