• 139 Achievements Earned
  • 27 Players Tracked
  • 12 Total Achievements
  • 1,373 Obtainable EXP
  • 5 100% Club

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Store Description

The Zeroptians have invaded the F1 planetary system. Eliminate the threat and proclaim yourself the winner of the galaxy!

Zeroptian Invasion is a classic game of pixelated graphics and amazing chiptune melodies inspired by classics such as Space Invaders, Galaga or Centipede.

šŸ‘¾CRT filter.
šŸ‘¾Challenging and classic gameplay.
šŸ‘¾Aesthetics pixel art in 1-bit with colors.
šŸ‘¾Levels totally unique and different from each other.
šŸ‘¾Incredible variety of enemies and memorable bosses.
šŸ‘¾OST on chiptune with unique songs dedicated to each area.