CPS-3 Encryption Scheme Broken

by Mike Bendel June 9, 2007 @ 3:27 pm

It’s taken awhile, ten years to be exact, but Andreas Naive has successfully managed to break the protection on Capcom’s CPS-3 arcade system board. The CPS-3 powered less than a dozen arcade classics, including JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Red Earth, and Street Fighter III.

The security system of the CPS-3 was rather advanced for its time. Any tampering to the game’s security cartridge would result in the decryption key being erased, thereby rendering the respective cartridge useless.

So, the decryption is broken, what does this all mean? In one word: Emulation. Now that the decryption task is done, the folks over at MAME have already started work on a CPS-3 emulator.

David Haywood’s Homepage – Haze’s Mame WIP [MAME]

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Cheezeball99 says:

:w00t: That's GODDAMN AWESOME. I can finally try the couple that they made that never came out on a console, since I don't have a local arcade anywhere.

x3sphere says:

Yeah I just checked back on the blog and they are making incredible progress -


Graphics are all distorted but the fact that they've already gotten games to run is impressive.

Cheezeball99 says:

It's no joke, but you have to consider how long and how much tension has built up to this, they're probably workin' pretty hard on it, albeit still AMAZING that they can have a game semi-running in just a little over a week, when before they had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, and knew nothing about the routines/gfx encryptions.

x3sphere says:

:w00t: And now graphics are perfect:








Cheezeball99 says:


you say: