Hardcore Mecha Review: Smash, Shoot, Destroy

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 High-octane mech games have traditionally been third-person experiences. They’re pretty much shooters, but instead of a limber space marine, you play as a massive, hulking robot. Hardcore Mecha is the rare exception to the rule, providing that same kind of action-packed adventure but set on a 2D plane — and it works. The game was developed […]

Super Crush KO Review: A Hyper Stylish Arcade Brawler

Reviewed on PC What lengths would you go to if you had to save your kitten from the clutches of an alien invader? Would you travel great distances, take down all of her goons, and even fight giant robots? These are the all-important, real-world, moral questions that Super Crush KO asks. Created by Vertex Pop, who previously released the bright […]

Orangeblood Review: A Future-90s Hip Hop RPG

Reviewed on PC The ’80s have seen a resurgence the past few years with TV shows and movies taking place in the iconic decade, and some even creating alternate versions of it. But what about the ’90s? Those were great times, man! Orangeblood from developer Grayfax Software celebrates 1990s hip hop culture while taking you to an alternate reality set […]

Gunlord X Review: Arcade Is Not Dead

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 One look at Gunlord X and you’d think it was released on Neo Geo in the early ’90s. Well, you’d only be half wrong, as the game was originally released for Neo Geo… back in 2012, though. The game also received an unofficial release on Dreamcast. Created by German developer NG:DEV.TEAM, the original Gunlord was a […]

Story of a Gladiator Review: Not an Epic, but Still a Bloody Fun Time

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 When you think of the days of the gladiator, you think of big, epic battles. You think of a chiseled warrior covered in battle scars taking down equally chiseled warriors with equally gnarly scars and maybe even a ferocious tiger or two. Story of a Gladiator is based around exactly that: the battles that took place […]

Sparklite Review: A Charming Adventure That Makes Up for a Lack of Depth with Pure Heart

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 One look at Sparklite from Red Blue Games, and it’s easy to instantly fall for its charm. Don’t let the beautiful pixel art and cute characters fool you, though. Sparklite is a tough little action-adventure game that wears its retro inspiration on its sleeve. It’s a lot of fun, and though the game’s pieces don’t always […]

Dark Devotion Review: Test Your Faith, Test Your Mettle

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 Faith is a powerful thing. It can move mountains. It can restore dead lands. It can— aw, crap, I’m dead. Dark Devotion from Hibernian Workshop is a bastard-tough 2D action-adventure with some very specific inspirations, but the game carves its own path of death and despair, and it ultimately provides a thrilling experience worthy of its […]

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince Review: A Masterpiece in Puzzle-Platforming

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 As we get closer and closer to the end of 2019, it’s probably time we start thinking about our favorite games of the year. For me, there are some strong contenders including Apex Legends, My Friend Pedro, Ape Out, Sekiro, Neo Cab, and Heave Ho, just to name a few. Well, I’m adding Trine 4: The […]

Neo Cab Review: An Earnest, Heartfelt Narrative

Reviewed on PC People go through life and interact with hundreds, no, thousands of people. There’s your family, your group of friends, the people you grow up with, your pals, and then there are the folks you just sort of meet along the way. These are people you cross paths with and have a few words with. Maybe you didn’t […]

Worse Than Death Review: Good Scares in a Hitchcockian World

10/30/2019 Update from the author: On Sunday, October 27, developer Benjamin Rivers reached out to me to inform me that he had released a worldwide update designed to fix a bug that was causing Worse Than Death to crash on PlayStation 4. After playing through the game a second time following the patch, I can confirm that the update indeed […]

Heave Ho Review: Get These Hands

Reviewed on PC I’m fighting the urge to make this a one-sentence review and ask you, politely, to go and round up a group of four friends (yourself included) and just play Heave Ho. That said, it would be a shame if I didn’t sing the praises of Le Cartel Studio and its incredible couch co-op game. I honestly can’t […]

Darksiders 3: Keepers of the Void DLC Review

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 Darksiders 3 was a bit of a departure for the apocalyptic action-adventure franchise that won over audiences back in 2010. When the first game launched nearly a decade ago, it drew comparisons to Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda series. The latest entry was more akin to From Software’s Souls games, but it was a winner in its […]

The Surge 2 Review: This Dystopian Future Has Soul(s)

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 It becomes quite obvious pretty early on while playing The Surge 2 that Deck13 Interactive isn’t out to reinvent the wheel. That’s okay, though, because sometimes games don’t need to revolutionize a genre to create something within that genre that’s absolutely fun and badass in its own right. The Surge 2 isn’t revolutionary or evolutionary, but […]

Habroxia Review: A Functional but Middling Retro Shmup

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 Since the days of arcades, the shoot ’em up has managed to evolve in some really cool ways. Shooters like Galak-Z and Sine Mora implement unique gameplay elements that either change the way you think while playing or present you with different ways to play. Other times, they remain true to the classic shoot ’em up […]

Fracter Review: A Contemplative Puzzler to Play with the Lights Off

Reviewed on PC At first glance, Fracter conjures up memories of Limbo with its monochromatic visuals, heavy use of silhouettes and shadows, somber tone, and eerie imagery. When you actually get your hands on it, though, Fracter is actually a lot closer to Monument Valley. This is thanks to its intuitive puzzles and ambient design. Even though the game doesn’t […]

Metal Wolf Chaos XD Review: Save the US of A, Mr. President

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 Video games are fun. Let’s remember that for just a sec. Back in 2004, Xbox owners in Japan were treated to a From Software game that’s nothing like what you would expect from the studio these days. Metal Wolf Chaos was fast, over-the-top, and hilarious. It’s since been enjoyed by larger audiences thanks to importing and […]

The Messenger: Picnic Panic Review: A Fast and Fun Side Quest

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 The Messenger is easily one of the best action games of the year. If you previously played through it and are looking for a reason to return to Sabotage Studio’s ninja-themed Metroidvania, you’re in store for a treat — a bite-sized treat, but a worthwhile one nonetheless. The Messenger: Picnic Panic is a free dose of […]

Wargroove Review: A Charming Display of Tactical Warfare

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 The moment you watch the anime-like opening cinematic in Wargroove, you know in you’re store for a grand quest. I was excited to play the Chucklefish-developed turn-based strategy game, and I figured there was no better time to do so than now that the game has landed on PlayStation 4. The game is a true joy […]

Streets of Rogue Review: A Delightful, Ultra-Violent Sandbox

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 There was a time when Grand Theft Auto wasn’t a sprawling landscape for you to deal out unhinged destruction, but rather a top-down, more-confined-yet-still-open-ended sandbox… for you to deal out unhinged destruction. Those were simpler times — not necessarily better than what we have now because the current GTA playground is a sheer joy to visit, […]

Rage 2 Review: Hey, the Shooting Is Fun!

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 Rage 2 is a fun game. No, it’s a really fun game. I enjoyed it a lot. That is until I didn’t. Don’t get me wrong — I had a blast playing through the game, but there were those moments in between that were just — how do I put this eloquently? — kinda “blah.” Unfortunately, […]