Ni No Kuni Review: A Memorable, Charming JRPG Experience

From developer Level-5 and animation studio Studio Ghibli comes the collaboration of any JRPG fans dreams in the form of Ni No Kuni. A drop-dead gorgeous effort with some light hearted humor and a serious dose of adult themed issues […]

Tomb Raider Review: This Reboot Is Lara Croft’s Greatest Adventure Yet

Developer Crystal Dynamics had a lot riding on the new Tomb Raider. The studio was promoting the hell out of the reboot and told the fans that this would not only be a reimagining of the long-lasting franchise, but of […]

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Review: Slice Away at Cyborgs in the Name of Justice

If there’s one thing Platinum Games is good at, it’s creating wonderfully insane action games that make you feel like you’re playing a wild anime. Thankfully, the Japan-based studio is also really good at a lot of other things. For […]

Anarchy Reigns Review: Platinum Delivers Another Insane and Satisfying Beat ’em Up

First impressions are important, but they can also be deceiving. I’m not going to lie — I was a little worried when the first thing that popped up when I loaded up Anarchy Reigns was a screen with a wall […]

ZombiU Review: This Wii U Launch Title Offers Some Truly Intense Scares and Great Gameplay

Survival horror in its purest form has all but disappeared over the past several years. While certain games still have elements of horror and stylistically dark themes, it’s really difficult to find a game that makes you feel like you’ve […]

Wii U Hardware Review: Nintendo’s Latest Endeavor Hits the Scene with a Ton of Potential and Some Cool Features

The Wii U launched just about three weeks ago, and in that time it’s received its share of praise and skepticism. The fact of the matter is that Nintendo made a lot of promises as its latest console approached release. […]

Papo & Yo Review

From developer Minority Media Inc. comes the emotional story of Papo & Yo. It is a dark autobiographical tale about a boy named Quico and his best friend, Monster, filled with heart-breaking symbolism describing the complicated relationship of a boy […]

Darksiders 2 Review: A Sequel Done Right

The original Darksiders was a fun romp, though for those well acquainted with the action RPG genre, most will agree that it didn’t exactly break new ground gameplay-wise. Compared to its predecessor, Darksiders 2 is a much more ambitious experience […]

Blacklight: Retribution Review

  Over the past several years we have seen a prolific amount of free-to-play (F2P) games crop up, from your traditional Asia-based studio to one of gaming’s biggest giants, Valve. Free-to-play titles rely on the sale of in-game items rather […]

My Newest Obsession, My Favorite Addiction: A Review of Rainbow Moon

First, I would like to start off my review of Rainbow Moon by saying that I was addicted well before I had played the game. Actually playing it verified everything I had hoped the game would be. To be honest, […]

Gears of War 3 Fenix Rising DLC Review

Fenix Rising, the third piece of downloadable content included in the Gears of War 3 Season Pass, was made available on January 17th and we were given the opportunity to review it.  The new content includes five new multiplayer maps, […]

Hard Reset Review: Slick Presentation Meets Old-School Gameplay

Set across a flashy dystopian world where humans are at war with AI-controlled machines, Hard Reset marks the first effort from upstart Polish studio Flying Wild Hog.  At its core, it’s a twitch-heavy first-person shooter, drawing a hefty amount of […]

Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops

Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops is the seventh outing into Activision’s seminal first-person shooter franchise. With its debut following in the wake of Modern Warfare 2, arguably the most successful video game launch to date going by metrics, it […]

Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes Review: A Fresh Take On The Strategy Genre

While the bulk of portable offerings tend to mimic their console brethren in bite-sized form, a select few dare to separate themselves from what is considered traditional for a genre. It’s hardly surprising, given that taking risks from a creative […]

Review: Final Fantasy I and II for iPhone

As one of the most addictive and well constructed offerings in the RPG space, Final Fantasy is a prestigious household name that needs no introduction. In an effort to expand its offerings in the mobile market, Square Enix decided to […]

Review: Left 4 Dead 2

It takes merely a glance at the history of releases in the entertainment industry to discern what element is key to a higher chance of success: braaaiiins or, well, zombies anyway. Just take a look at all the titles that […]

C.O.P. The Recruit Review: Open World Action Comes To DS In Full 3D

In many respects, Ubisoft’s C.O.P: The Recruit is a landmark title for the Nintendo DS. Delivering a fully realized open-world environment in 3D, developer VD Dev has crafted a one-of-a-kind experience that no other DS effort to date has managed. […]

PSP-3000 Review

With the introduction of the PSP nearly four years ago, Sony made its debut in the handheld gaming market with a bang: offering gamers, for the first time, PS2 quality graphics on a portable at an affordable price. The handheld […]

Review: Brain Age 2

For many, the idea of adult education may be something of a misnomer. Why would anyone want to go back to school later in life? Many schemes have been suggested to entice learners back into education. However, whilst governments provide […]

Review: Call of Duty 4

This release sees Infinity Ward finally admitting that the World War II genre is somewhat tired. Our modern times and international affairs now require a more engaging and realistic approach to first person shooters. Although the move to terrorism and […]