Loop Hero Switch Review: A Top-Notch Time Sink

Loop Hero is as addictive as it is well-designed, and it’s a perfect fit on Nintendo Switch.

Okinawa Rush Review: Retro Flash with Little Substance

Okinawa Rush offers cool vintage style but suffers from mediocre beat ’em up action.

Treasures of the Aegean Review: An Engaging and Oddly Relaxing Time Loop

Treasures of the Aegean is definitely in line with the typical time loop tropes, but the way it flows thanks to its controls, parkour platforming, and map makes it super addictive and strangely relaxing.

Mastho Is Together Review: Quaint and Challenging

Sometimes all you need is a quaint little game to pass an hour with. That’s exactly what Mastho Is Together accomplishes.

Weapon of Choice DX Review: Fast and Fun Run-and-Gun

Weapon of Choice DX may not be the biggest, deepest game around, but it’s a lot of fun and comes with a low price point.

Hoa Review: An Enchanting Little Platformer

If you’re looking for something that favors tranquility over chaos, Hoa will give you exactly that.

Mortal Shell: The Virtuous Cycle DLC Review

Mortal Shell: The Virtuous Cycle takes the base game and gives it a roguelike twist. The result is a rewarding remix that’s super addictive and fun.

Trigger Witch Review: A Fun Shooter That Sometimes Misses the Mark

Trigger Witch doesn’t always succeed in delivering all of its ideas in the best ways possible, but there’s still some fun to be had here.

Haven Park Review: A Beautiful Day

If you’re looking for the next wholesome game to spend an evening playing, look no further than Haven Park.

Eldest Souls Review: A Brutal Boss Rush Masterpiece

While we’ve seen this formula before, Eldest Souls is absolutely worthwhile thanks to its incredible combat mechanics and awesome presentation.

Guild of Darksteel Review: A Unique Dark Fantasy Adventure

Reviewed on Switch It’s crazy how much of a difference nuanced gameplay mechanics can make. Guild of Darksteel from Igor Sandman may not appeal to everyone, but it’s still a genuinely awesome action-adventure game set in a dark fantasy world. Beyond that, though, it offers up one of the most satisfying combat systems seen in a game all year. Pixelated […]

Foreclosed Review: Cyberpunk Comic Book Action

Reviewed on Xbox One We’re currently experiencing a cyberpunk movement in gaming. A lot of developers are employing the genre’s visual, stylistic, and narrative themes in their games, and it’s resulted in quite a few interesting titles. From the controversial Cyberpunk 2077 to the story-based Cloudpunk. And there’s more on the way, with Aeon Drive set in a gritty, futuristic […]

Metaloid: Origin Review: Decent 1990s-Style Run-and-Gunning

Reviewed on PS4 One look at Metaloid: Origin and you’ll instantly be sent back to the glory days of the Sega Genesis. Quite frankly, Retro Revolution’s follow-up to Metagal very well could’ve been a Sega Genesis game back in the ‘90s. Though it initially arrived on Xbox One, Switch, and PC in 2019, the game just recently became available on […]

Out of Line Review: A Strong Puzzler with Bold Art Direction

Reviewed on Switch Have you ever played a game for a specific reason, and then totally dug it for a bunch of different reasons? Maybe you thought the graphics were cool, but when you played it, you fell in love with the world. Perhaps you thought the concept was interesting, but you ended up enjoying the gameplay more than you […]

Boomerang X Review: A Brilliant Twist on the Arena Shooter

Reviewed on Switch When it comes to arena shooters, the amount of fun you have doing the same thing over and over — you know, killing a bunch of enemies, creatures, and monsters — is of paramount importance. Franchises like Doom and Serious Sam have succeeded for so long because they’re able to pull you in with their addictive, frenetic […]

Strange Brigade Switch Review: Old School Action-Adventure Fun

Rebellion is quickly building a reputation for bringing high-quality ports to Nintendo Switch. Sniper Elite 4 brought some of the most polished and intense stealth action around to Nintendo’s platform last year, and now we have the supernatural action-adventure shooter, Strange Brigade. Though there’s nothing new here in terms of content, this is the same highly entertaining game now optimized […]

UnMetal Preview: Challenging Stealth Mixed with Humorous Writing

Previewed on PC It’s been a while since a game’s writing was able to make me laugh out loud quite like UnMetal. Oh, don’ get me wrong — this is a tough stealth game that will challenge you, but it’s also pretty funny. It’s equal parts retro stealth-action throwback and clever comedy piece. And after playing a bit of it, […]

Aeon Drive Demo Impressions: Smooth Arcade Action

There were a lot of cool games shown during the Guerilla Collective event that coincided with this year’s E3. One major standout was Aeon Drive from 2Awesome Studio. The game is a throwback to old school arcade action titles and offers players incredibly smooth gameplay that’s as stylish to witness as it is satisfying to master. I played through the […]

Reknum Cheri Dreamland Review: Charming but More Frustrating Than Fun

Reviewed on Switch One look at Reknum Cheri Dreamland, and the game might win you over with its old-timey visual charm, pixel art, and 2D action-adventure gameplay. That’s what convinced me to check out the game. Unfortunately, not all is right with this retro-styled throwback. Though it’s undoubtedly eye-catching, it’s not all that fun to play. The end product is […]

Kaze and the Wild Masks Review: A Fun and Tough SNES-Like Platformer

Reviewed on Switch If the team at Retro Studios ever decides to stop working on the Donkey Kong Country series, Nintendo should give the folks behind Kaze and the Wild Masks a call. The game borrows from the classic SNES DKC games, while never feeling like a blatant ripoff. Instead, the teams at PixelHive and Soedesco managed to create something […]