Rules & Cheating Policy

On Exophase, users are required to earn their achievements fairly and legitimately.

In general, a player must unlock achievements: inside of a game by in-game actions; by their own control; without outside-modifying game files or game code; without using another player’s save file, and; without using outside cheat programs.

Exophase follows the Unified Achievement Hunting Rules - please visit for in-depth rules and examples.

Because Exophase is a multi-platform achievement tracker, cheating on any connected platforms will result in you being banned on that platform’s leaderboards in addition to the multi-platform leaderboard. You will not be banned from other, non-cheated individual platforms.

If your account is marked for cheating (indicated by the “Not Ranked” text shown in your profile header), you can go through the appeal process by creating a thread in our appeals forum. A staff member will then review and respond with the next steps shortly after. Please be patient, our staff operates on a volunteer basis and it may take several days for us to review your account.

Users on Exophase can assist with identifying cheaters by reporting them. In the header of each profile page there is a Report link that you can use. Please only use this for reporting cheaters, not for general issues.