Rules & Cheating Policy

In order to keep the site leaderboards a fair playing field, our policy here at Exophase is to flag users that have not earned achievements legitimately. If you are caught using external programs to unlock achievements, or have used others' save files, it is grounds for removal on our leaderboards. We have a zero tolerance policy on this, any instance of cheating will result in removal.

If your account is flagged (indicated by the Not Ranked text shown in your profile header), and you feel this was made in error, you can go through the appeal process by creating a thread on our Feedback & Support forum. A staff member will review and respond with next steps. You can view the list of available staff members here.

Additionally, we do allow users to remove cheated games (so long as the platform supports it) and then reinstate their account on the leaderboards. This is a one time only gesture however, any repeat offenders will be permanently banned and not given a second chance.

For a more detailed overview of our rules, visit the 100Pals site as we follow the same ruleset as them. If you have any further questions let us know on our support forum.

Also, users on the site can assist with identifying cheaters by reporting them. In the header of each profile page there is a Report link that you can use. Please only use this for reporting cheaters, not for general issues.