What is Exophase? Why was this site created?

At its core, Exophase is a cross-platform achievement tracker. We offer detailed profile pages that cater to achievement and trophy hunters, along with gamercards and multi-platform leaderboards.

Even if you are a more casual player, however, the site is a useful resource for keeping tabs on your gaming activity and as well as for sharing it with others through social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

The tracking functionality of the site was added starting in 2011. At the time, we tracked PSN, Xbox and Steam and have continued to build upon the multi-platform nature of the site. The full list of platforms now also includes GOG, Uplay, Origin, Blizzard, and Google Play -- with more to come!

Is this site safe?

Yes. We take security very seriously, any sensitive data is properly hashed or encrypted. All of the platform logins we use are officially supported by the respective platform holders, and do not transmit any passwords back to our servers.

Help! The site isn't tracking my activity.

Typically this is due to incorrect privacy settings on the account. Most services, opt to hide your gaming activity by default. So, you'll need to make sure everything is public.

There's a guide on our forums that references all the correct settings for each service. Click here to view it.

Leaderboard Removal

We regularly remove users suspected of cheating from our leaderboards. More details on our cheating policy can be found here. If you feel you were removed in error, or wish to appeal the removal, refer to the instructions on that page.

Limitations - Blizzard

On the Blizzard/Battle.net side - currently only StarCraft II, World of Warcraft, and Overwatch allow for tracking game data. Make sure to disable the in-game privacy settings for Overwatch, otherwise we will not be able to see your achievements at all. Additionally, timestamp data will not show for Overwatch achievements as Blizzard does not show this data publicly.

Note: When creating new characters in World of Warcraft, you will need to either use the re-authenticate link above for us to track them, or login to the site using your Battle.net account.

Limitations - Uplay

Currently, only challenges can be tracked on Uplay. While there's often a lot of overlap, the achievements shown in the Uplay client are separate. Unfortunately, Ubisoft does currently not expose the achievements on their Club Ubisoft website and no one other than yourself can view them within the client.

How can I contact staff?

If you have questions, or site suggestions, the best way to contact us is to create a thread in the Feedback forum. Additionally, you can join our Discord.

What data does your site collect?

For a detailed overview of data the site collects, and how it can be deleted, see our private policy.

Account Deletion

We are happy to comply with the GDPR or related data protection laws. If you wish to remove your account from the site, visit this link while logged in. The account will be deleted in 72 hours.

Please be aware that this process is irreversible, all data related to your account will be removed from our servers, including any profile customizations you may have made. Additionally, once removed, any services linked to your account cannot be re-added to the site without first contacting a staff member.