Review: Brain Age 2

For many, the idea of adult education may be something of a misnomer. Why would anyone want to go back to school later in life? Many schemes have been suggested to entice learners back into education. However, whilst governments provide financial incentives for mature learners Nintendo have managed to get them to pay for the privilege of learning on their […]

Review: Call of Duty 4

This release sees Infinity Ward finally admitting that the World War II genre is somewhat tired. Our modern times and international affairs now require a more engaging and realistic approach to first person shooters. Although the move to terrorism and modern combat has meant the team felt the need to move to a fictionalized story to ensure they can avoid […]

Review: Assassin’s Creed Xbox 360

Before we can get to the review proper, we need to clear a bit of space for ourselves. In case you haven’t been following the reviews, there has been a huge range for this game, from GameTM’s 4/10 to Games Radar’s 100%. There has been so much said for and against Assassins Creed. Much vitriolic tone has been exchanged between […]

Review: Lumines II

Whilst the DS has become the poster child of the handheld gaming revolution, Sony have being growing a strong line up of games for their less popular handheld. One of the rising stars of these games is a little puzzler called Lumines. With Sony keen to push the graphical performance of the PSP it is something of a surprise that […]

Rumor: Gamespot Editor Fired Over Negative Kane & Lynch Review

Various sources (see Penny Arcade comic above) are reporting that Gamespot editor Jeff Gerstmann has been fired over a rather abysmal review of Eidos’ Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. You see, Gamespot struck an advertising deal with Eidos and sources say that when the publisher saw Gerstmann’s review score — a low 6.0 — they threatened to pull the plug […]

Review: Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis For Wii

After the initial casual fun of Wii-Sports, casual gamers have been looking for a genuine follow up. They now finally seem to have a few games that should provide that casual sporting experience they crave. Decca Sports, and Rockstar Presents Table Tennis (the game in hand) both provide more than a nod to Nintendo’s long lasting sports game. Whilst we’ll […]

God of War II Review

This is a game that could easily have graced the PS3 as a launch title. Instead the lucky old PS2 got the delights of its triple A visuals and stellar gameplay. This is a game that looks to be the final high tide mark for Sony’s second games machine. The game comes as the follow up to the already popular […]

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Review

Nintendo has a long history of handheld Zelda games. You may well remember playing Link’s Awakening back on the original Game Boy. Whilst it was pretty impressive to get a full action adventure squeezed onto a handheld, more surprising was the fact that the games are the full Zelda experience, in every sense of the word. The game structure, the […]

Halo 3 Review

If you remember anything from Halo: Combat Evolved then it’s probably those incredible thirty-second situations you got yourself into. Moments that drew on all your play experience up to that point, as you encountered an enemy and like a Wild West showdown, forced to out-think and out-gun one another. If you remember anything from Halo 2 it is most likely […]

Wii-play Review

The must-have game of the year so far has got to be Wii-sports. The connection between player movement and on screen action was almost magical. But as this experience wanes and people start looking for some more Nintendo style competitive action they are inevitably lead us to Wii-play, at least until Wii-Music or Wii-Sports 2 emerges. The two games obviously […]