Raji: An Ancient Epic Review: A Polished Action-Adventure Throwback

Reviewed on PS4 There’s a simplistic beauty to the gameplay of Raji: An Ancient Epic. Developed by the India-based Nodding Heads Games, this title is a throwback to older action-adventure titles — think God of War on PS2 or the Prince of Persia series. That’s not to say that this game feels dated. Quite the contrary, actually. Though Raji channels […]

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Switch Review: Hack-and-Slash Perfection

I still remember how I felt after I played No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle on Wii for the first time in 2010. This game is perfect, I thought to myself. Well, a decade later and now No More Heroes 2 has arrived on Switch, courtesy of Grasshopper Manufacture and Engine Software. And you know what? No More Heroes 2 […]

No More Heroes Switch Review: Still Killing It

Can you believe it’s been just about 13 years since No More Heroes from Grasshopper Manufacture launched for the Wii? That’s insane — almost as insane as the game itself, which has been ported to Switch by Engine Software. Some games age better than others, and thankfully, No More Heroes is one of those games that has withstood the test […]

Sniper Elite 4 Switch Review: Excellent Stealth Combat

Sniper Elite 4 has been around for a bit — since 2017, to be exact. As such, you might be wondering why it’s just now been ported to Nintendo Switch. Well, it’s obvious developer Rebellion truly wanted to make sure its tactical stealth shooter was as close to perfect as possible on Nintendo’s console. And you know what? Sniper Elite […]

Gonner2 Review: A Weird and Worthwhile Roguelite Shooter

Reviewed on Switch The original Gonner was an absolute joy to play. It was incredibly fun, quirky, and strange, and it was a total sleeper hit. Gonner2 is a lot of fun, too. It’s an ambitious sequel that’s weirder and bigger than its predecessor, and it mostly hits the mark on what it sets out to accomplish. Developer Art in […]

Crown Trick Review: A Cool Little Turn-Based Roguelite

Reviewed on Switch The roguelites just keep coming in 2020, and thankfully, a bunch of ’em are really, really great. Just to name a few, we’ve recently been treated to Hades, Neon Abyss, ScourgeBringer, and Windbound. One of the latest to join that list of awesome titles is Crown Trick, though this game takes a decidedly different approach. Rather than […]

ScourgeBringer Review: A Rogue Delight

Reviewed on Switch There’s been no shortage of action-roguelites over the past several years, let alone in 2020. It may sound cliche because it’s been said so many times before, but the whole “one more try” thing is very much true when a roguelite is executed properly. ScourgeBringer delivers both familiarity and novelty, and it’s executed incredibly well, making it […]

Macbat 64: Journey of a Nice Chap Review: Nice Polygons

Reviewed on Switch There’s a massive charm to Macbat 64: Journey of a Nice Chap that makes the insanely short length forgivable. This is a game that you’ll likely finish in one sitting over the course of about an hour — or less. Even then, it hits all the perfect nostalgia notes, and it has a nice, affordable price tag […]

Alwa’s Legacy Review: Rad Retro-Styled Action-Adventuring

Reviewed on Switch It’s easy to see where the inspiration for Alwa’s Legacy comes from. Developer Elden Pixels’ followup to 2017’s Alwa’s Awakening is decidedly retro — from its look and sound to its gameplay. It seems inspired by Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link, but beyond that, there are hints of Metroidvania mechanics and even a little Shovel Knight. […]

Super Mario Bros. 35 Review: Taking a Classic to the Next Level

Well, folks, they did it. Somehow, Nintendo and developer Arika have managed to take the original Super Mario Bros., an all-time great game, and give it a modern spin. How do you take a 35-year-old game and modernize it properly? You turn it into a 35-player online battle royale game, apparently. Having previously worked on the well-received Tetris 99, Arika […]

Ys Origin Review: The Fun Little Action-RPG Gets Its Switch Moment

Reviewed on Switch Some games just feel tailor-made for the Nintendo Switch. That’s why it makes sense when games that might be a bit older ultimately land on the system. Ys Origin is one of those games. Sure, it first launched in Japan all the way back in 2006 — before getting a wider release six years later — but […]

Hades Review: A Hellacious Good Time

Reviewed on Switch There’s been no shortage of awesome roguelikes and roguelites the past few years. A lot of credit goes to Spelunky and Rogue Legacy, which helped bring this style of game to modern audiences. Since then, we’ve gotten so many great games, and this once-niche genre is now more massively accepted and adored than ever. Well, you can […]

Mortal Shell Review: A Haunting and Refreshingly Focused Souls-Like

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 There’s something really tasty about a fat, juicy burger topped with cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, and grilled onions. Maybe you even throw on some jalapeños. Oh, and did I mention this is an Angus burger? Yeah, it’s the epitome of a burger done right. Sometimes, though, I just want to go to the local mom-and-pop and […]

Tamarin Review: Jet Force Kazooie 64

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 It’s kind of a cool little moment whenever we see a new 3D action-platformer — a throwback to the glory days of the Nintendo 64 when mascot titles like Super Mario 64 and Donkey Kong 64 reigned supreme. Tamarin from Chameleon Games takes great pride in being a callback to Jet Force Gemini, Banjo-Kazooie, and Conker’s […]

A Short Hike Review: A Wonderful, Meditative Little Game

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch There’s a beauty to the simplicity of A Short Hike from developer adamgryu. The game doesn’t waste time — neither its time nor the player’s time — with extravagant controls and mechanics. It doesn’t task you with endless objectives or a massive open world to get lost in. The game encourages exploration, yes, but more than […]

Ary and the Secret of Seasons Review: A Fun Zelda-Like with Rough Edges

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 It’s been a busy few weeks for fans of Zelda-like titles. Near the end of August, Phoenotopia: Awakening brought back fond memories of Zelda 2 while providing a well-received adventure of its own. Just last week, Windbound channeled its inner Wind Waker and Breath of the Wild, delivering a survival experience with some fun sailing mechanics. […]

Windbound Review: A Wonderful Seafaring Adventure That’s More Than Just a Wind Waker-Like

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 You wouldn’t be at fault for taking one look at Windbound and instantly making comparisons to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. The fact is this game is very reminiscent of Nintendo’s classic oceanic adventure. As you play Windbound, though, you’ll notice that while there may be some Wind Waker influence present, the game is […]

Eternal Hope Review: A Somber Puzzle-Platformer

Reviewed on PC Eternal Hope from Doublehit Games is one of those games that just has a lot of heart. One look at it and you’ll likely be reminded of titles like Limbo and Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Like those titles, this puzzle-platformer is filled with artistic charm and thoughtful themes. It’s also a pretty solid gameplay […]

Post Void Review: A Frenzied, Stylized FPS

Reviewed on PC It’s safe to say that you’ve probably never played anything quite like Post Void. Sure, bits and pieces of the game may look and feel familiar, but this fast-paced FPS from YCJY Games is mostly unconventional. The end product is something that fills a very specific niche, but the gameplay is so smooth, and the entry fee […]

Nowhere Prophet Review: An Extremely Fun but Unforgiving Deck-Building Roguelike

Reviewed on Switch Imagine you’re traveling across a ravaged wasteland. Behind you are dozens of followers who idolize you. You’ve met with different townspeople, dealt with marauders, lost some of your people, and survived tough battles. You’re tired, you’re injured, and up ahead is yet another group of hostile enemies. You have a choice to make: fight and get potentially […]