Gungrave G.O.R.E. Review: Outdated Style, Zero Substance

Gungrave G.O.R.E. is held back by constraints and tropes that are too antiquated for the game’s own good.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 Review — Methodical Battle Royale Action

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 is a wonderfully paced shooter that offers all the fun looting aspects that battle royale games are known for.

Beholgar Review: Retro for Better or Worse

In a lot of ways, Beholgar is a really cool game. But it sadly falls victim to some setbacks that come as a result of being a little too retro.

She Wants Me Dead Review: Oh… Oh, No…

She Wants Me Dead is the type of game that means well, but too many flaws keep it from being enjoyable.

Voyage Review: A Peaceful Yet Meandering Adventure

If you’re into artful, contemplative games, you’ll probably like Voyage. That said, other titles like Journey and A Short Hike provide overall more enjoyable experiences.

Cult of the Lamb Review: A Fun, Twisted, Experimental Roguelite

Cult of the Lamb from Massive Monster and Devolver Digital is intriguing, engaging, and addictive. It’ll sink its hooks deep and keep you entertained all the way through.

Midnight Fight Express Review: A Fun but Chatty Brawler

Midnight Fight Express is a fun, action-packed beat ’em up for the most part, though it does place too much emphasis on exposition at times.

The Company Man Review: An Honest Day’s Work

The Company Man touches on some poignant workplace culture themes. It’s just a shame that the gameplay is mostly middling.

Demon Throttle Review: Truly Old School Shoot ‘Em Up Madness

Demon Throttle is like a trip back to the ‘80s and feels like something you would’ve played on the NES. And damn, is it ever awesome.

Hell Pages Review: See You in Bullet Hell

Hell Pages isn’t going to win any awards or achieve GOTY status, but it is going to provide you with a couple hours of entertainment.

Arsonist Heaven Review: Falls Way Short of Heavenly

Arsonist Heaven falls short of achieving anything that could be described as entertaining.

Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue DX Review — Addictive Arcade Firefighting

You’re likely to have a good time with Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue DX. It takes a little while to get going, but when it fires on all cylinders, it’s an addictive, oddly mesmerizing arcade action game.

Fall Guys Switch Review: Still Fun, but a Little Late to the Party

Fall Guys on Nintendo Switch is pretty fun, though if you weren’t a fan before, there’s not much here to pull you in.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Review — Chaotic Fun

Mario Strikers: Battle League is everything you’d want from a new Mario soccer game despite a few issues.

TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge Review: Half Shell Hero Excellence

Shredder’s Revenge is the new Ninja Turtles game we’ve all been waiting for.

Evil Dead: The Game Review: A Gory, Groovy Ride with El Jefe

Evil Dead: The Game had some big shoes (and a pair of brown pants and a blue button-up) to fill. And you know what? The game totally knocks it out of the park. The “it” here being a demonic Deadite head, of course.

Source of Madness Review: An Intriguing Roguelite That Lacks Polish

Though Source of Madness is definitely flawed and lacks the polish that roguelites need to succeed, there’s still plenty here that might make it interesting enough for fans of the genre.

Inukari: Chase of Deception Review: Almost There, but Not Quite

Inukari: Chase of Deception is a mixed bag that’s probably worth checking out if you love 2D platformers, and if you catch it on sale.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Review: Hits Different in the Best Ways

Kirby and the Forgotten Land turns the franchise on its head by opening up its levels and allowing players to roam 3D environments — and it’s rad as heck

Weird West Review: An Exciting Take on the Dark Side of the Wild West

Weird West from WolfEye Studios is filled with intriguing concepts and themes, and it capitalizes on those themes by delivering a genuinely interesting gameplay experience.