PSP Custom Firmware 3.52-M33-3 Released

by Mike Bendel August 19, 2007 @ 1:59 am

As promised, today Team M33 have rolled out the third update to its 3.52 custom firmware series, featuring Video UMD support as well as improved popsloader compatibility.


– Added more speeds: 75 and 133.
– Added flash2 and flash3 usb to recovery
– Added a setting in recovery to change the usb device to which XMB will connect.
– Added “vshmenu”, which is a menu that will appear when HOME is pressed in the XMB. It will interfere with existing
XMB plugins that use HOME, so it can be disabled in recovery.
– Added UMD video iso support. The UMD video isos are played using vshmenu. Video isos go in
/ISO/VIDEO folder. They require an UMD inserted because NO-UMD does not work.

Changes in popsloader:

– Support for 3.30 firmware. Instructions are same as in previous release, except 3.30
firmware did not have libpspvmc.prx, so just ignore that file.
– Warning: There is an incompatibility between 3.30 savedata and later ones. If a savedata exists from 3.40+, the emulator will freeze.

Some notes about the usage of vshmenu, and UMD video isos:

– vshmenu cannot be loaded when the browser is active. If you exit the browser, the firmware will
still keep it in memory until you enter other area of XMB, until you do so, you will not be able
to access vshmenu again either.
– video isos and the game isos show in XMB use the same core. Due to this, when you enter in game
menu and there is some iso, if a video iso was currently mounted, it will automatically be unmounted.

– cso format is not supported for video isos.

– UMD audio isos are theoretically supported, but not tested. They go to /ISO/VIDEO.

Remember, you must be running any previous version of 3.52 M33 to apply this update. To install the update, just copy over the PSP folder contained in the archive to your memory stick, then navigate to the Game menu and execute the update.

Download Custom Firmware 3.52-M33-3 Update / Donate to Team M33

PSP 3.52 M33-3 [Team M33]

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Hanzo_f19 says:

great update, but i have a question: how do we dump a umd to the pc?

Hanzo_f19 says:

forget it, i found it how, great update!!

Roe says:

They made the USB able to access the UMD drive through the XMB... My guide is not needed anymore. Another great update to the firmware though. Recovery mode is getting big

Hanzo_f19 says:

i'm not sure if i can ask this, but anyway...can i download a umd video iso test anywere, i just want to test it, i don't care what movie is(it can be the worst movie ever)...i just whant to test it, please

Tenshigami says:

The whole brickage threat scares me. What if they've banned a homebrew program and someone tries to use the program? If they actually did something like that, you'd think they'd have a list, though.

Also, they say in the License:

"If you spread said modificated files, you are required to indicate that you modified them."

Yet I never saw them mention Dark_AleX at all when came to Popsloader. I've even looked at their site, and see nothing but a list of donators.

Also, it's possible the Vshmenu is a (highly modified) version of the menu that displays when you hit Home while emulating firmware in Devhook. It looks strikingly similar.

unfaithfulldeath says:

I considering to do this. my firmware is 1.5 now but can i format my memory card after I make it 3.52 M33 So I don't have all the softmod apps. or do i have to keep all the apps.? what are some other features dose it give? like better "waves" background. custom icons? what else is their on it.

Cheezeball99 says:

So apparently some people are getting bricked from this update, and it's speculated that what's triggering it is having certain web pages in the PSP's web cache.

Apparently if you do something they don't want you to they have a bricker that will deploy upon the installation of the update. Just throwin' this warning out there; it's mostly speculation, of course, in regards to rumored brickings.

x3sphere says:

no idea where to get one. anyway it'd be illegal to provide you with a link.

D_A was considering to do something similar to this with OE, but then he called it quits. Even after he has left the scene this PS3**** site continues to bug him, by posting his full name on their site along with the recent Wildcard source leak.

It's a bit harsh, but maybe it's the only way people will realize NOT to go to that site.

You can format your memory stick before installing 3.52 M33, or after. Doesn't matter either way.

Here's a link to the install guide:

As for other features it supports PSone emulation plus all the other standard features of 3.52. You can customize the icons and waves as well.

supaquickt says:

Interesting, the only problems I see are what if you run a homebrew program you thought was completely the authors own code but they had actually stolen/modified another work and they BAN (does this mean brick) you?

Although in 4.5 it states "The ban in this point, will be stopped if the support/money ceases" yes I realise probably 99.9% of people will not violate this that's not my point, but does this hold true for all the terms? meaning that if you get rid of the unauthorized homebrew etc then they will unbrick your PSP?

I'm lost at what to do, I have many homebrew apps and have no idea if all the source is 100% the authors, is there a list to help out?

x3sphere says:

Nothing should happen if the M33 update EBOOT itself is not modified. I updated myself and everything went fine.

supaquickt says:

Ok thanks x3sphere, I've never visited ps3**** so all good. Update went fine, now to figure out how to use these new features. Thanks M33.

discobill says:

yeah well, some of us are nieve and never strayed past the front pages... eh.. i suppose id better start saving up for a new psp and lumines.

lynrossuk says:

just run latest update patch, and now psp boots up ok see xmb and everything, but no buttons or d pad working!!

supaquickt says:

Its a pure guess but it could be something it doesn't like about your XMB? Are you running a modified XMB?

I know your buttons are not working but try entering recovery mode (right trigger on boot) and see if you can use your buttons in there. If so your halfway towards fixing it as you can always restore. If you can't get in there then you'll have to wait for help.

lynrossuk says:

no not a modified xmb, and yes can use recovery mode ok.

supaquickt says:

Well thats a good start as long as you can use dpad and your buttons in there than you can always downgrade to 1.5 than upgrade to 3.52 M33 again.

Its a bit drastic to do that now, so I'd wait for some expert help before doing that. But there's always that option as a last resort so don't stress.

Acerthief says:

i've got a weary feeling with this update, i must say.

now that i've upgraded, i can't play my ripped games. all my iso's can't be shown in the game/memory stick. i'm sticking with update 2.

Hanzo_f19 says:

hmm, thats weird, ALL my isos are working perfectly :)

x3sphere says:

Probably you need to delete the isocache.bin file in PSP/SYSTEM.

Update works great here, really like the new vshmenu.

SambaAmigo says:

Hi everyone, Im using version 3.52 M33 currently but not sure of how to dump my umd to the PC. Can anyone please help on this?

x3sphere says:

If you haven't already, install the 3.52 M33-4 Update

Then press HOME while in the PSP main menu screen (XMB) and switch USB device to UMD... then connect a USB cord and go to USB Connection.

Navigate to the memory stick device on your PC and you should see an ISO file. That's your UMD, so just copy it over.

SambaAmigo says:

Thanks for the help!

meathookseed says:

I hate to ask, but is this a 3.52 emulator or is it an actual firmware update? If it's an update are you still able to use other hacks?

donsammy says:


SambaAmigo says:

Appreciate some enlightenment!

I've updated my psp to v3.71 m33-2 and am using a new memory stick (for some reason) which is completely blank.

How do i/ What are the files necessary for my psp to start loading .iso games again using this new memory stick??

Do i have to download any folders/files onto this memory stick? really appreciate some help

SambaAmigo says:

Appreciate some big help here.

I've just upgraded to ver3.71 m33 and somehow i've ended up with a new memory stick that is completely blank, i.e previous folders like GAME/, ISO/ are all unavailable!

where do i go from here? What do i have to do to get those folders back for me to run iso loader etc..

please help!!

x3sphere says:

On the PSP go to System Settings and format the memory stick. It will auto create those folders.

clleavage says:

I need to update my firmware on my psp. it is 3.40 OE-A is this the right one i have to download before updating it to 3.80 ?

x3sphere says:

Well first you need to install 3.52 M33:

Then install the 3.52 M33-3 update:

After that you're good to go, and can install 3.80 M33.

manbadboy says:


upgrades says:

i have a 3.30 firmware ,but i still don't get how to upgrade it to 3.52-M33

Acerthief says:

Start out HERE.

arve1989 says:

lolz...wats wrong...after update...shutdown..

black screen????

you say: