Alleged Radeon HD6870 Benchmarks Surface

by Mike Bendel August 29, 2010 @ 9:29 pm

Hot off the heels of its successful DX11 family of Evergreen GPUs, alleged benchmarks for AMD’s next in line have emerged from the dark corners of the internet. A 3DMark score of the purported HD6870 was recently posted by a forum user over at Chinese site PCinLife, showing off a GPU score of 11,634. While the veracity is questionable, a supplied GPU-Z screenshot does add credence to the score, lining up with internal data that erroneously made its way into ATI’s latest driver release — Catalyst 10.8.

Assuming the score is legit, AMD’s next family of GPU are set to pack a punch. Landing a 11.6K in 3DMark would theoretically place the HD6870 above the HD5970 in raw performance, the latter of which is a dual GPU part. Given that result, there’s little doubt it would also handily compete with Nvidia’s latest flagship — the GTX480.

Additional benchmarks performed on the card indicate an average of 43.55 FPS in Crysis at 1920×1200 with 4xAA and preset very high enabled. An average of 36.6FPS was observed in the DX11-heavy Unigine stress test, with tessellation set to extreme.

HD6000 performance [PCinLife]

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Zero says:

If I wait long enough, ATi's model numbers are going to catch up to my GeForce's numbers...

KezraPlanes says:

I'm guessing this is a case to scream: "It's over 9000?!"

Anyway, I somehow prefer ATi over nVidia (mainly due to pricing) so maybe I should take a look at their new GPUs.

MenaceInc says:

Evidently you never heard of the Radeon 9k series :P

After they did that, they did the xXXX series (x850, x800, etc).

After that was the x1k series. They changed it to the HD prefix after that.

So really, these should be the Radeon 16870s... yeah, you can see why they changed the name

El Diablo says:

I don't, a higher number would clearly represent their superiority over everyone else! Like how Nigels amp goes to 11, you know.

Adiuvo says:

Imagine the pricing on these things. It'll be a long time before I get another card.

MenaceInc says:

I maaaaay have a bit of money in my bank when these come out so would be a good upgrade for me I reckon. Well, nearly anything would be a good upgrade now xD.

x3sphere says:

I might sell my 5970 for one. Would be nice to ditch CrossFire, which is nice when it works.

FrozenIpaq says:

Jeez, do you really need all that power :p

you say: