Gran Turismo 5 Delayed Slightly

by Justin B. October 13, 2010 @ 8:27 am

According to a new blog post on the PlayStation blog, Gran Turismo 5 will be delayed from its previously-announced November 2nd release date. Sony’s new projected release for the game still has it coming out this holiday season however; although they are mum on any new specific date.

The delay has effected all three major releases, including the US, European and Japanese versions. We’ll keep you updated with the latest details when we get them.

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MartinObviously says:

Noooooooooooooooo xD

skparasite says:

I'm not even remotely interested in this game and I'm getting sick of hearing about these delays. :/

Abe Froeman says:

You took the words right out of my mouth.

FrozenIpaq says:

It's probably one of PlayStation's biggest releases, although I too am not too excited about it. I know plenty of people though who are excited and have been anticipating the release for quite some time. One thing I want to say however, although can't for certainty, is that this year has probably the most major delays that I could ever recall

january39 says:

Wow, what a surprise! This will never get released. Tbh i don't care anymore either.

TeamOverload says:

Seems to be the general consensus then. Sorry, but if you're going to delay a game this many times, you can't not expect some backlash. Also, why are they annoucing so close to the release that it's going to be delayed again? They must have known before this that they weren't going to make it to launch in time.

Craig Fairfax says:

A real news story will be the game actually coming out.

Trigun says:

Still buying it.

january39 says:

Lol, yeah it would - i just don't think this game will ever see daylight, by the time it is ready we will have PS4.

Riorio99 says:

It's such a shame. It has the potential to sell machines.

I know at least two people who have given up waiting and have simply bought a 360 and Forza instead.

you say: