Rumor: PS Downgrade Announced, Supports ‘All Future Firmware’

by Mike Bendel November 12, 2010 @ 9:42 am

Update: Video has since been removed from YouTube, citing a violation of its “policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content.”

A universal downgrade solution for PS3 units may soon be nigh. A team claiming to be behind the initial PSJailbreak hack have unveiled a software add-on dubbed PSDowngrade that allows users to downgrade regardless of which firmware is currently installed, including 3.42 and 3.50. Specifically, the website touts compatibility with “all past, current and future firmwares.”

Not surprisingly, the site also claims PS Downgrade “is ONLY compatible with original PS Jailbreak, no clones or inferior USB dongles.” We’ll see what the hacking community has to say about that..

In the meantime, catch a video of the supposed downgrade voodoo above. Consider us skeptical until a workable product is released.

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KezraPlanes says:

Now that's good news if I can keep PSN support :P

Bran says:

You can't ever trust videos now days.

TeamOverload says:

If it truly is the same company, than I'd believe it, but has anyone confirmed this? Also from what I've read, it will not be free. Not sure, if that's because they plan on selling it on a piece of hardware again, or if it's the actual software that will cost the money.

El Xando says:

Either way, it'll end up free. If it's software, it will get leaked by the first person to buy it, and if it's hardware, I'm sure it will be useable on other USB devices as the original PSJailbreak was.

This is awesome though, especially if there's a way to get on PSN without getting caught. Although, c4eva claims to be making a firmware for the PS3s bluray drive, which would be awesome.

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According to the website, it's just software you install on an original PSJailbreak, that apparently "won't work" on other devices. I highly doubt that. However, this really makes me want to buy a PSJailbreak...

x3sphere says:

YouTube has removed the video..

"This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content."

january39 says:

He he...You tube :) Plenty of other stuff i would happily see canned on that site.

If i can keep PSN all is good, Black op's needs me ;)

Zero says:

That's the biggest barrier, PSN access. If they can overcome that, the utility of the jailbreak will be massive. But then you'll open up a can of worms into the multiplayer sector.

Brad says:

As of around 3 days ago you can get onto PSN running 3.41. Its not really safe or stealthy but you can play online with backups currently with the new PL3/Hermes+PSN payload.

Hellcat says:

Gamedevs just need to start to secure their games properly.... as long as they don't do that.... wellwell....

Sousanator says:

Whats the point of a downgrade? If this exploit works on the newer firmwares, then the payloads should be made for the newer firmwares.

The only thing worth downgrading to is 3.15, and that's if you want OtherOS. AsbestOS seems like it will be a better linux soon, so even 3.15 will be useless.

Hellcat says:

Also what about that "can only downgrade once"?

Seems all a bit fishy....

El Xando says:

That does seem a little weird...

Spiros says:

I'm pretty sure that's a limitation the PSJailbreak team added to force people to buy more "PSJAILBREAK" dongles if they want to downgrade more than one console.

El Xando says:

Doesn't it mean you can only downgrade your any console once?

x3sphere says:

The original PSJailbreak code forces users to have a USB dongle inserted at all times, something they specifically added. It wouldn't be unlike them to impose a one-time use restriction. At the same time, I'm sure someone skilled enough could circumvent it.

Bran says:

I'm not really sure how I feel about this. I don't know if I'd hack my PS3 to play backups.

I know if I did, I'd buy a ton more PSN games.

Bizarre says:

Hopefully this leads to discs burned on HD's, I refuse to pay $250 to fix my PS3

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