Sony Rebuilding PSN, Still No ETA On When Service Will Resume

by Mike Bendel April 23, 2011 @ 8:22 pm

Looks like the PSN blackout may continue through this weekend, as the recent breach has led Sony to reevaluate its entire security system. According to spokesperson Patrick Seybold, the company is in the middle of a complete revamp “to further strengthen [the PSN] network infrastructure.” As you’d expect, such a task is no small undertaking, and Sony is not yet able to provide an ETA as to when services will resume.

Whatever the extent of this ‘external intrusion’ was, we reckon it must have been pretty serious for Sony to take such a drastic action. More details as they come in.

We sincerely regret that PlayStation Network and Qriocity services have been suspended, and we are working around the clock to bring them both back online. Our efforts to resolve this matter involve re-building our system to further strengthen our network infrastructure. Though this task is time-consuming, we decided it was worth the time necessary to provide the system with additional security.
We thank you for your patience to date and ask for a little more while we move towards completion of this project. We will continue to give you updates as they become available.

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jogabo110 says:

we should get a 20 dollor psn card at least me because ive been wanting first stike relly bad and if i like it ima make sure i buy Escalation my psn account is CLJOGABOY please aend me a messege or something

sladibartfast says:

I agree, i think we should get a $20 psn. Just for the fact that we weren't notified about it.


Yea, true, you like ruined my weekend. I woke up hoping to play the ps3 onine but, the servers are down for some reason. Then I end up restarting everything, then i realized what the problem was I was furios about it.

tetryst says:

PSN is a free service. They don't owe you anything. If you were talking about Xbox live, maybe a refund would make sense, but this is baseless, and speaks of a deep problem in how you understand the way the world works. I recommend working a minimum wage job for at least a year; maybe your self-entitlement will go away and you'll learn how to be satisfied with reality.

guitarfanatic7 says:

lol why should we get anything out of this, we don't pay for psn. i can see 360 users getting something if xbox live went down because they actually pay for their services, but since we don't i highly doubt (and dont see why should) we'll get anything for it. everybody needs to just chill, they're working on it obviously and they'll get it up as soon as they can (that's what she said?).

FaTMarV says:

I just want to be able to return portal and mortal kombat since i cant play them. Thanks for ruining socom....why didnt you refer us to xlink kai during the mean time??? Money back on Netflix????????????When I order a pizza online I can tell you where it is and who is making it and exact delivery time. WTF is wrong with you. Tell your customers what is wrong and maybe we will keep buying your product.I hope you guys never open a restaurant.......EPIC FAIL and *UCK U

FaTMaRV :)

chadg2287 says:

Pretty sure when I spent $500 on this machine I was promised psn...I don't know about you people who don't think we deserve anything for this downtime but I just spent another $65 on Socom 4 and I would like to play it online seeing as I have owned it for 4 days now and have only had a chance to beat single player and now have nothing else I can do with it. Yeah I would say we deserve something.

nemesisspawn says:

you say they that they don't owe us anything for it being down cause the service is free let me tell you something the way us gamers pay for their systems and games their online services should be free they make a ton of money off of as it is and its kinda crappy how they handled this whole thing from the start three days is long enough figuring you have people working around the clock

mariaelia86 says:

you guys are serious about askin for a 20psn card? LOL seriously yall get to play for FREE! deal with it! IF you had to pay like all of us who have a 360 then MAYBE you should get something since your paying for nothing but when you pay nothing you should get NOTHING lol just deal with tha servers being down and play your games offline for tha weekend!

mariaelia86 says:

@nemesisspawn you think we didnt pay for our system and games? LOL yea we pay just as much as all of you and we still have to pay for online play, yea its our choice but with a 360 we get better quality but thats not about that..bottom line they dont owe ANY OF YOU ANYTHING! yall play FREE lol

AcheNone says:

Compensation should be given to Sony's consumers, it is rather unfitting that they not even tell us of such a problem, especially when in coincides with time that we can actually spend on their products.

Sony surely is losing money with this ridiculous matter. Most of their concentration on their security being jeopardized (which it already has) by either Anonymous or people who hold the idea of piracy and being in control through their own ways.

This would mean a bigger loss in revenue, with them losing so much on products like the PSP (as it has been hacked since launch and the issue of it's custom firmware) As consumers, asking for something in return for the product we have payed for being flawed and in stark contrast, somewhat lacking with what it has to offer.

With the recent launch of the PS+, the dispute with Geohot having cracked the rather impressively secure PS3 (having taken a full 4 years) and the attacks/threats of the group known as Anonymous, if we as the owners of our PS3 were to ask for $20 for a problem with the 'network's infrastructure' when Sony themselves probably flooding a rather immense amount of money just to fix the breach in their security.

Think about it, if there are about 3 million returning PSN user's, and they were each given $20 as a sincere apology for the suspended service of the network, that would be millions of dollars lost in revenue.

Now I can see a 1 month PS+ service possibly not ruled out, but they would lose money with that too. Also, the users who are already paying for the service would be outraged.

I think I'd sit on the fence on this one. Yes, Sony has many problems with the PS3, as it's out- of-the-box product doesn't offer as much as it could and promised. But their effort to sustain a playable environment and still have it free is commendable. I hope in the future that Playstation see's will be a brighter one.

Just like I hope this damn recession ends too.

chadg2287 says:

Apparently you spend to much time on your XBL to realize that there are people who pay for psn+ and they are missing out on a beta this very minute that they are paying for. We PAID for a product that COMES with a free network it is part of what we PAID for if you don't get that you are a fucking disappointment to your family.I had more to say but I won't because just looking at your post's it's clear how fucking dumb you are. I hope you repost to me so I can laugh at the next LOL! blah blah blah you spit out....

chadg2287 says:

oh my post was @mariaelia86 if it wasn't clear.

mariaelia86 says:

oh wow that hurt...oh wait no it didnt LOL cuz seriously am i supposed to care about something someone who knows NOTHING about me is supposed to think? LOL ANYWAY ok yea tha ones who pay should get a lil something in return but for all of you who pay jack s**T shouldnt get anything. Why because you feel your time is worth 20 bucks? WOW 3 days of your time is worth 20 bucks..nice to know you sell yourself so cheap lmao

diana says:

my nephew is driving up the wall, when will this nightmare end. you guys should at least told us before hands, before this happens. you ruin his easter vacation week.

TeamOverload says:

Not that I have a problem with it, but why is every single post in this thread by a new member?

Anyways, they don't owe you reimbursement, as they're losing out way more than you are in the end. Just play one of the countless offline games and enjoy it.

Xzanth22 says:

Hmm.... Sony is rebuilding it's infrastructure? To prepare for another attack? And they don't know when we'll be back online..... Weird.... Sony huge company, hackers not huge company. Idk anything about hackin, but Sony can't hold back a small group of people. Or are they big? How do they overpower Sony? Where are they getting their funding? Selling iPhone jailbreaks? Unless these people are really good with hacking that they overpower Sony? Or did Sony shut down? What was being attacked? Why aren't the people of Sony telling us anything? Like , I want to play too.. portal2 just demo first.. Mortal kombat online. They should tell us what happened and why they shutdown. I mean did Sony take a break to get these people? Cause without fundinand stuff like that, these hackers can't really do much? Sony could ask the FBI or CIA or whatever? See idk what's going on cause Sony isn't telling us anything. Anyone any answers to any of these questions help me out.

I'm not taking sides, I just want to know what's going on. And to play some mutha Fu(k!n games :(

AcheNone says:

@mariaelia That is simply childish to respond like that, but I do agree on the fact that it is silly to think 3 days with no online gaming is that much of damage. I have been enjoying life, getting a bit fresh air, maybe reading a book rather then being on the PS3, and you know what, it's rather refreshing.

Even without the online, at least it wasn't like the Y2K bug last year, where we were told NOT to turn on our console. But hey, if this sutff happens every year, maybe it can be a holiday where all hardcore, casual, or simply gamers can go out and live a little.

Xzanth22 says:

Wait why are people coming in here just posting about xbox? Isn't this about ps3? Idk that xbox has anything to do with what is going on with psn. But ok :) isn't there moderators that bump that kind of talk? :p

AcheNone says:

@Xzanth I don't really think it's so much of a issue of someone hacking but a fault in the security system that they are trying to improve due to the recent jailbreak of it. Likely in the time they tried to update and redo the bugs or holes in the system they created a loophole for the security of personal info of their users. Know that Free Realms (huge MMO) and the Steam intergration are likely suspects for their servers to go haywire. Not overload, but simply not recognizing what is going on.

dynadom says:

they owe us stuff for being loyal customers, I'm selling mine and going to xbox. Its called customer service and Sony has none. My so called 10 year 60 gb launch ps3 broke for no reason other than Sony using defective cheap sodder and it cracked along with every launch ps3 like 15 million of them and they didn't even give me a $50 dollar coupon to buy a new one. Sony is heartless. I'm tired of it they lost me as a customer and do nothing to retain their customers they don't care. When the red ring of death happend to xbox they all got free xboxes. Sony won't even admit they f'd up. F sony and I'm glad they're shi* is down I hope the company fails

dynadom says:

And further more all of our credit card information was hacked.

El Diablo says:

All of your credit card information was hacked? I would suggest you actually become educated in the issues before you whine about it. Just my opinion.

Cloudy says:

Uh, no it wasn't. That was just shoddy reporting from news sites. Unless it has been on the latest "attack" - but Sony are being quiet about this.

I know you people want to play games on the PSN - but it's only been a few days. PSN+ people I can understand being pissed, but if you're not paying for PSN they don't owe you anything. Take the time to do something worthwhile with your life, entertain yourself in other ways like watch TV or read a book :-)

TeamOverload says:

Even PSN+ doesn't have too much of an excuse, all it really offers are free things and discounts, of which you'll still be able to get once PSN is back online.

Also of note, if any of you ARE on custom firmware and connected to the network, you may want to consider going back to OFW. With the security of the network being revamped, and the prior warnings, the ban wave may finally actually hit after this, so better safe than sorry if you care at all about PSN in the near future.

AcheNone says:

I use to use cutom firmware, then I put on 3.56, then for some reason, the cutsom mods (God mode in games, trophy unlocker) still remained...D:

Riorio99 says:

Sony owe none of you people anything. PSN is completely free and they have the rights to drop access whenever they feel like it.

However, on this occasion, someone else felt like it. If anyone owes anyone anything, whoever it is doing the hacking owes Sony for taking down their service. Sony have done nothing wrong here.

However, I can forsee them giving us something nice as a way of apology, but they have no need to. They've done nothing wrong. /rant

AcheNone says:

It's not a hack I am pretty sure it was a issue in the system. Making in run smoother and better downloads, safer connections, sounds like I'm in.

KezraPlanes says:

To all those complaining and whining, I second: Sony owes you nothing.

On-topic: I really hope the new PSN has better security than the old one because stuff like this can't really keep happening, specially considering the reason why PSN was taken down in the first place.

Alex says:

LOL - You guys are pathetic, or just geeks with no lives who sit on psn calling everyone noobs.

Only people who should get reimbursement are those who pay for a service who dont get it (in this case due to the downtime)

Seriously guys, here in the U.K the weather is swell. Bloody boiling to be percise.

RoBz says:

i agree give me 20$

MenaceInc says:

That's not fair. If you're getting $20, I want $20!

january39 says:

If you all having some money, i want some too! PSN being down is annoying, but hey these things happen.

Dan says:

I am completely outraged, it's either a new PS3 or nothing.

MenaceInc says:

I don't even have a PS3... :troll:

Dan says:

Yeah well the fact you know about this should be enough

KezraPlanes says:

I'm a PS+ subscriber so I've should be given two PS3's xD

El Diablo says:

I don't think it was so much a hack this time as poor security on their part and people finding the loop holes.

lucifer says:

The argument seems to be that since PSN's free , Sony doesn't owe users anything. I couldn't disagree more. I coughed up the extra money for a PS3 because they advertised a free , working , functional PSN. In retrospect , I should've went with Xbox. It escapes me how a couple of kids can hack Sony in the first place. Are you really that vulnerable ? Waiting for Gamestop to open now so I can trade in my PS3 and get an Xbox. This is unacceptable as a consumer.

lucifer says:

I only play sport games , so PSN is the only reason that warrants a PS3 purchase in the first place. Anyone who plays sport games knows that playing the computer is about as fun as banging your head off your kitchen faucet repeatedly. " c'mon man , there's no way CPU controlled New Mexico knew I was going to throw a quick out with Ohio State "

Dan says:

[quote]A source with close connections to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe reports that the attack to the PlayStation Network may be a bit deeper than originally reported by Sony. According to the source, who wishes to remain anonymous, the PSN sustained a LOIC attack (which created a denial-of-service attack) that damaged the server. There was also a concentrated attack on the PlayStation servers holding account information. In addition,

NeilR says:

Not surprising that it's deeper than Sony is leading on. It's not for nothing that they would take down the whole network store and all; they must be losing a ton of money.

Xzanth22 says:

Why does everyone keep saying that psn is free..... Um last time I checked I was just forking out the 60 to get early demo and beta releases. It's free to use their server, to play online. I also just checked. Yep dc universe costs money. That movie I just watched.... Yep forked money out for that. That map pack. Yeah, just paid for that. It's not free. I don't think there is a single person out there who can connect to psn without paying their ISP. Netflix, qriocity, all that. But if they want to hook us up they will. And I truly think they will make this up to us. Especially the timing of the new releases. We'll be up soon. We just don't pay an extra 60 a year to do the same thing as 360. I'm thinking this is gonna happen again when they release ffxiv for ps3. But yeah, ps3 users, chill. They will be back soon, and we'll get something for our inconvenience. Don't expect much. Hackers didn't attack you. They attacked Sony. I mean they could have left the psn up and watched your accounts be hacked to shreds. But they didn't. And 360 users, stfu cause it's boring to hear how you think 360 is better. We all know it's not.

Dan says:

That's what most people refer to.

Robby says:

Sony just been having bad luck lately.

El Diablo says:

No one is forcing you to pay for PSN+, you choose to. PSN itself is free, PSN+ is a paid service that is not the same.

TBH I find it hard to believe that it's as big of a deal as Sony is trying to make it out to be.

It looks more like, people DDOS'd Sony servers and took them down for a day. People found a way to connect to PSN using some settings that only admins were supposed to access and were able to download things for free from the store. A CFW came out allowing people to get on PSN with a hacked ps3. Sony blames Anon and "attacks" for their poor security and loopholes people were able to bypass to take the blame off them and make people hate everyone else for them having to recode PSN because they didn't do it right the first time.

FrozenIpaq says:

All I can say is "ouch". I hardly ever use my PS3 for gaming, and even then hardly ever go online (mainly because I wanted to remain at an exploitable firmware). I really don't pirate nor see a reason to pirate PS3 games so I might as well update, although still would need games to play. While it does come at a bad time, with Portal 2 being released last week, the timing isn't as bad as Xbox Live's incident a while back. While Microsoft gave everyone a free arcade game, I don't foresee PlayStation doing anything similar. It really depends on how long the outage will last. One week is reasonable. A month...well that's less reasonable. Even though it's a free service, as lucifer points out, it is still an advertised feature and one of the major selling points for some gamers. They are not obligated to give us anything, but it will be interesting to see if they do.

In a nutshell: It sucks. Shit happens. Read a book (I hate reading).

El Diablo says:

I understand peoples frustration, but otherOS was an advertised feature too. It's not uncommon for services to have to be taken offline to under go updates, games like WoW go down almost every tuesday for 5 hours, and if there's a patch coming out they are usually down for all of tuesday. If it's a big patch the servers can be down/buggy and unplayable for days after. For an online service that you don't have to pay for to access and play online for free, I don't think it's too unreasonable for people to have to wait a week. Especially when there were serious security flaws in their system, despite what anon might have done to them.

This is a good time for Sony to actually have to fix their problems instead of patching them up for as long as possible until it comes out again. Maybe with this change they won't be saving your credit card information to documents on your HDD that people could access with the right tools.

january39 says:


Nothing new really, but apparently SCE have confirmed it could be another 2 days before PSN is restored, not sure on the sources though.

x3sphere says:

They said it may take up to 2 days initially, now there's no ETA at all. I fear it might take another week at least, given they are rebuilding their entire infrastructure. Even with all the manpower Sony has, that's a tall order.

KezraPlanes says:

[quote="Dan, post: 210228"]A source with close connections to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe reports that the attack to the PlayStation Network may be a bit deeper than originally reported by Sony. According to the source, who wishes to remain anonymous, the PSN sustained a LOIC attack (which created a denial-of-service attack) that damaged the server. There was also a concentrated attack on the PlayStation servers holding account information. In addition,

january39 says:

Agreed, its going to be a while :(

Dan says:

The answer to all of their problems is in January39's sig.

El Diablo says:

Sonys options:

2. Fuck it, and just assume that w/e happens was part of Anons previous lame DDOS attack on them and pretend they didn't have major flaws in their network and security.


january39 says:

Lmao, o yes

slicer4ever says:


Craig Fairfax says:

Some people. When Sony doesn't want you hack their system they are evil. But when an advertized service goes down, people are all "Sony doesn't owe you anything."

mexistache009 says:

I read an article saying that the network can be up and running in Japan as early as Monday and the United States and Europe the next day. Here it is, hope it helps....[]

MenaceInc says:

I don't really care either way and this might come across wrong as I just woke up from a nap but I think those people don't mind so much as the machines providing the service are Sony's property and the machine you're playing the games on are your property. You don't get a say in how they use their machines and they shouldn't get a say in how you run yours. Does that kinda make sense? I'm gunna get a cup of tea.

On a separate note, I wonder how many mentions I would get if I tweeted that my ps3 worked with various hashtags added on :D

Dan says:

Yeah, I read that earlier too. I hope so, I need to get the co-op finished for Portal before my exams start.

january39 says:

Always happy to help :P

Much better explanation than 'undergoing maintenance'

El Diablo says:

This is basically how I see it. OtherOS was an advertised feature on the console itself that we paid for to buy, we aren't renting it from them. We bought it, it's our property, so when they remove that feature and give us the option "Either continue to use OtherOS and not be able to play any video games, or play video games and not have the other feature" I think that's a pretty "evil" thing to do if you want to call it that, considering they could have patched it or found a way to block hacks instead of completely permanently removing it.

Like Menace said, the network is their property and they can do whatever it is they want with it and if taking it down for some time for maintenance to prevent further problems with it, I think that is reasonable. Not only is it a free service that you aren't paying a fee to use, but they are not permanently removing it, simply taking it down for a small period of time. I don't use PSN so it doesn't affect me in any way so I'm sure that adds to my not caring but I see it as their property and a free service so they can take it down whenever they want for whatever reason.

Not to mention in the TOS's and shit you agree to when you access the PSN, I'm sure they mention in there "Sony reserves the right to discontinue this service at any time we see fit without having to give notice." or something like that. I mean, they did add one in there in the last TOS update that currently it is free to create an account and access the PSN, but at any time they can add a fee to create an account.

alfie_wrex says:

can someone point me to a clause or eula maybe, that came with their receipt from their ps3, or in the box itself that entitles you to a free, working, functional psn by mere virtue of buying the the ps3? the only thing i see even closely related to that is a disclaimer distictly waiving any liability for software pre-installed on the unit (psn interface, etc.) if people would actually read the fine print that came with the crap they buy you wouldn't have all the baseless crybaby opinions running around right now. you got what you paid for regardless if you didnt bother to read everything that came with it.

psn isnt free because you have to pay your isp, and netflix? c'mon man! did sony make you buy some super expensive internet service before you were allowed to use psn, nope. are you still fapping to under age manga girls on the internet while psn is down, yes. you have to pay that irrespective of psn and the benefits of both are in no way tethered to a working psn. sony has to pay you for money you spend for internet service and netflix while psn is down? rediculous.

Dan says:

I don't get what the problem is. Using the PLAYSTATION NETWORK ONLY IS FREE. Your internet connection is a completely different entity. Downloadable content, LoveFilm, Netflix, Playstation Plus - you buy them of YOUR OWN REGARD. I don't see what's so hard to understand about this.

AcheNone says:

@alfe 'psn isnt free because you have to pay your isp, and netflix? c'mon man! did sony make you buy some super expensive internet service before you were allowed to use psn, nope. are you still fapping to under age manga girls on the internet while psn is down, yes. you have to pay that irrespective of psn and the benefits of both are in no way tethered to a working psn. sony has to pay you for money you spend for internet service and netflix while psn is down? rediculous.'


This is what I exactly think. Come on guys, this stuff happens. It cant be help. Let's just acknowledge that quite likely the security has really been looked at and we dont have to argue for compensation in this or that way.

BlackSheep says:

whats up with all the randoms?

On topic I want $ony to give me ten years worth of plus or im taking them to court all of them hahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111

Bizarre says:

I just wanna fuck people up in NHL 11.

Craig Fairfax says:

I'm with you on the not caring either way bit. It's just funny that people are quick to talk down to those that are upset about the downtime, but when a feature they want is effected then its the end of the world. I never gave a shit about other OS, but I never castigated the people that did.

The main comment I was referring to was whomever said: Nobody forced you to pay for PS+. If that is the case then nobody can get upset about anything; because nobody forced any of us to buy a PS3 in the first place. But I forgot that only butthurt hackers and fucking pirates are allowed to be upset about something.

just to clarify... I don't have PS+, I'm not upset about the PSN being down. So all of this is coming from a completely neutral standpoint.

El Diablo says:

They aren't the only people allowed to be upset but the "features" being "removed" in the 2 situations is completely different. One is a complete removal of a feature from a console you own and paid for, while the other is a temporary take down of an online service for maintenance and repairs that your PS3 allows you to access.

I understand where your coming from, I really do, but I don't see how you can't seem to realize the difference between the two situations.

Also, I'm not attacking anyone for being mad about it. I understand where they are coming from and why they are upset, but it's a free online service and you have to realize that shit happens and it will be back.

As for the PS+ comment, people are complaining about losing time on their PS+ because PSN is going down for a week~. My point is that they decided to pay that money for additional features to the online service. The service itself is free, there is no required fee to it, people choose to pay if they want to. If something like xbox live or an MMO goes down for a week, that IS a big deal because you are consistently paying monthly, and forced to pay that monthly fee to access it. PS+ is an optional addition you can get if you want.

And you are right, you truly are. No one forced me or anyone to buy a PS3, however when we did buy it, we bought it under the information that it would have an otherOS feature on the console for us to use our PS3s as a computer and run other operating systems on. It was an advertised feature we paid for with the product that was permanently removed without any further access to it. When you buy a ps3, you buy it with the advertisement that it is able to connect to the PSN, which it can. It still can, it has since it came out, and you always will be able to. A temporary down time of an online service you will still be able to access != indefinite removal of a feature of the console you paid for.

Online service = Sonys property. Console you paid for = your property.

FrozenIpaq says:

Well... console you paid for =/= your property according to Sony's recent lawsuits :/

El Diablo says: !!!

But yes you do have a point Frozen, and I think the fact that that's how it turned out is honestly, pretty disgusting. If I had known I was merely renting my console and theoretically didn't have ownership over it, I never would have purchased it.

Zero says:

Sucks for Sony's engineers, rebuilding the whole thing?

Worst possible time, over the easter break.

Isn't this like the first time PSN's ever been down though? It sucks yeah, but in all fairness PSN has been a reliable and decent online network considering it's free.

KezraPlanes says:

I'm guessing the FW is a factor here. It is their property, not yours and you need it to use your PS3.

That's only way I can think that makes sense xD

tetryst says:

the thing is

saying that sony owes you something for being down for a few days is about the same as saying that the cable company owes you because every night it's ruined for a few minutes by the emergency broadcast system tests.

the amount of down-time, in both cases, is miniscule.

and anyone who thinks that somehow microsoft treats their customers better than sony (or vice versa) doesn't really understand that both companies (all companies) are trying to bleed us dry in any way they can.

Anyone who sells their ps3 and gets a 360 instead because of this insignificant incident deserves to lose 60 bucks a month to microsoft in order to play the same three games released with slightly better graphics year after year (shoot game, sports game, and fighting game, respectively). If only microsoft deserved to receive that money, the system would be working.

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as far as the hacking is concerned: jailbreaking your own system should be 100% legal.

Hacking sony's network is another story. I don't think it's immoral, but I don't think killing people with an IQ of less than 50 is necessarily immoral either. Sort of a gray area, that.

slicer4ever says:

iirc, psn failed to handle the influx of users when MW2 was released.

Robby says:

Yup, it went down when all those people went on after it's release.

Sychophantom says:

The only way this really affected me was that I had planned on buying a game via PSN this week on one of their sales. Spent the money elsewhere.

Maybe PSN won't lag so much now.. Not holding my breath, but it'd be nice.

Sarcasm says:

An apology and a list of the changes made to better secure the network should be for public viewing upon completion of rebuild.

omnipotent says:

netflix still works on my fat ps3. just cancel twice and netflix auto-loads. hurray to the hackers for taking down goliath. code is not owned but should be shared. if you buy the machine you own it, code and all. don't like any of the games online but this break from psn lead to me getting EXERCISE OUTSIDE!!!!

Bran says:

So many people have come out of the woodwork for this one, jesus....

All I can hope for out of this down time is that trophies take less time to update. That would totally be worth it.

El Diablo says:

Yeah what's up with all the new people :O.

MenaceInc says:

x3 mentioned that we were getting a lot of traffic from Google so it's people looking for news on the PSN situation.

Craig Fairfax says:

Fair enough. You're right, regardless of whether I used Other OS it should not have been removed. And I do see the difference between a permanent removal and a temporary one, but this whole situation isn't taking a stand, it's proving Sony right.

Sigh. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm starting to miss video game consoles.

ultimakillz says:

ign brought up a good point in this article: how are the game developers, especially devs of download only games like minis, being affected by the psn being down? they are losing money every minute the psn is down. i also think they bring up a good solution: why not give all of us a free ps mini download on sony's tab once the psn is back online.

BlackSheep says:

I would of just blamed it on the earth quake.

(or obama either of them works)

Sousanator says:

Does Sony owe you anything? No. Do I expect Sony to give something? Hell Yes. Not only will it be good PR, but also a way to recuperate some of the lose from the downtime if they do it right.

For example, give a free month of PSN+ to everyone for the month of May, plus include a game for PSN+ members. This way, once you're hooked on the game (and other PSN+ features), in order to keep the 'free' game you must get a subscription for PSN+, which will get Sony thousands more PSN+ subscribers than before the outage and finally some good PR (for once).

KezraPlanes says:

That sounds llike a sound plan but I have my doubts it will happen, seeing PR isn't Sony's strongest point (look at the PR backlash because of this). Well one can only hope :P


People are registering just to comment on one or two pieces of news? Wth xD

Dan says:

KezraPlanes says:

"Chesh says ‘no one’s personal information was accessible via this hack’ which seems logical – all our credit card details are on the public PSN, not the dev network. Chesh also posted the following,"

That should put people's mind at ease. Thanks Dan :P

FrozenIpaq says:

That's just a rumor and not factual. It's one person's opinion as to why the network is down. It could just be a coincidence although we have discussed this possibility already in the other thread:

you say: