PS3 Firmware 3.66 Goes Live

by Mike Bendel June 22, 2011 @ 6:16 pm

Update: The firmware is now available, grab it via Network Update or from our download section.

Sony’s just announced that PS3 firmware 3.66 is scheduled to drop soon, likely by tonight. It’s a minor update that “improves stability during use of PS3 format software.”

Additionally, refinements have been made to PSN services. We’ll update when the firmware goes live.

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spall845 says:

The update is live now

Bizarre says:

When are useful updates going to come out?

Seth says:

Around fall when the vita is coming out?

ultimakillz says:

weird.... u.s. playstation site still showing 3.65 as the latest:

why cant we all just get along :argh:


its there now =\

Hellcat says:

Hey, we're talking Sony here.... so likely "never"?!

Meh, seriously, 3.70 might bring something new.... or not....

KezraPlanes says:

Expect features at 4.0 xD

Bizarre says:

Noob question I guess, what is 4.0 and when is it?

KezraPlanes says:

4.0 as in FW 4.0?

Number changes are usually when Sony injects new features (or removes them) so before OFW 4.00 is announced, don't expect anything at all. Spares disappointment.

x3sphere says:

Besides PS Vita connectivity stuff, what else can they add? I'd like to see a improved web browser personally.

Seth says:

Party Chat....

A better cloud save system...

A way where you dont have to sync your trophies..

A new XMB style....

A way to fully install games that dont currently support it..

MKV support...

Most the stuff that found on XBL..

KezraPlanes says:

They can still implement in-game soundtracks, a decent web-browser. Aside that, nothing much really. They do however have to expand some services to all countries.

Bizarre says:

Sorry brain fart, haha thought it was an event of some sort.

TeamOverload says:

There's lots of things that they could add. Think of the 360 and all that features it has had added or even the things that have been added to the Playstation 3 overtime, there's many things that we've come to use and rely on, that many of us probably would have never even thought of.

january39 says:

More colours for the background would be nice... I don't want for much.

Robby says:

PS3 still doesn't have party chat? Haven't turned on mines in over a year, just collects dust right now as the whole interface just turned me away from it. Party chat is a must for a console I think. I mean, that's the first thing I do on my xbox. Turn on xbox, joins my friends party and I'm in it, playing all the different games I want, and then I leave the chat when we go to bed.

slicer4ever says:

THIS!!, this this this, and this!!!!

seriously, they should just port over firefox, or safari, and call it a day, sony's web browsers are so shitty imo.

Dan says:

I want the Photo Gallery and other icons to match the XMB, they make it look disgusting and I hate them so much.

Alex says:

In game music would be nice ;D

Bizarre says:

Face it, Sony doesn't give us features we ask for, they give features that they THINK we want.

Dan says:

It just wouldn't hurt to read the comments on their blog, and even when they do they just criticise peoples ideas.

you say: