Rumor: Assassin’s Creed PC System Requirements

by Mike Bendel January 16, 2008 @ 12:55 pm

A reliable anonymous source has sent along details on the system requirements for the PC release of Assassin’s Creed. The specs look rather demanding and it’s clear that you’ll need a Crysis-capable PC to run Assassin’s Creed in its full glory on PC.

Minimum System Requirements:
* Windows XP or Vista
* 2 GB RAM
* Dual core processor (Intel Pentium D or better)
* 256MB Direct3D 10 compatible video card, or Direct3D 9 card compatible with Shader Model 3.0 or higher
* DirectX compatible driver
* DVD-ROM dual-layer drive
* 16 GB free hard disk space
* DirectX libraries (included)
* Vista compatible sound card
* Keyboard, Mouse
* Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller (optional)

Recommended System Requirements:
* Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo, or better processor
* 3 GB System RAM
* ATI HD2900 series, Nvidia GeForce 8800 series, or better video card
* 5.1 sound card
* Microsoft Xbox 360 controller

*Supported Video Cards at Time of Release

DirectX10 compatible cards, recommended ATI HD2900 series, Nvidia GeForce 8800 series

Direct3D 9 card compatible with Shader Model 3.0 or higher

The PC version of Assassin’s Creed is scheduled for a release later this year in the states.

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Tenshigami says:

Crap. I was hoping they would have a minimum that matches my laptop. I wouldn't mind playing Assassin's Creed PC on its lowest graphical settings.

I've got half the RAM (though I can upgrade to the game's minimum), an Intel Centrino Duo, and a 128MB intel graphics card which may or may not support shader model 3.0. Everything else is up to spec with the minimum.

YoKo says:

Look spromising ;)

Kwipper says:

Considering that the PS3 is using a GPU which is an equvilant to a 7800 GTX (My 7900GT can beat it) and the XBOX 360 is using a GPU around the same an ATI X1900Pro...

I don't think the stats in the RECOMMENDED area shouldn't be as high as they're posted here.

GPUX says:

3GB of RAM? please...the textures in this game aren't half as good-looking as those in crysis and i'm willing to bet the levels aren't as big either.

Roe says:

Damn, I have around 20 fps on crysis, I wonder what it will be like if those specs are right

MenaceInc says:

i dont see the point of playing assassin's creed ona PC using a 360 controller..... :S

for the money you would spend ona PC of that spec,you may as well just get the elite 360 with assassin's creed and a ton of other games...

FrozenIpaq says:

Sadly there's a thing called piracy, there are a small portion of people who actually buy the retail game on the shelf - it's much cheaper these days to pirate (even though illegal) - you can get a ton of PC games for free so all that money goes towards the system instead - it's a twisted world but that is how it is :(

You ask why play it on the PC rather than a 360 - one could be ease of use as well (however for me it's just as easy to play it on my 360 the way I have it setup).

bornawildwelshch says:

lol the recommended spec suits my pc exept i got 2gb 800mhz ram, 8800 gtx, amd 6000+ 3ghz dual core. and i got 40-50fps in crysis with no aa. :) how much wud i get in this game

Ebrahim says:

I can easily play assassins creed with:

ATI 7000


256 ram


Intel celeron d 2400

Ebrahim says:

Assassin s creed is a maximum game

Better than crysis

beter than ererything

SnoMan says:

Runs brilliantly at maximum graphic setting at 1280x1024 75Hz on my Core2Duo 6320 @ 2.8, 2GB DDR2-800 and 8800GT 512mb. The levels are WAY bigger than crysis - crysis took me 15 hours or so to clock.

The specs are different on a PC vs PS3/360 etc because its a different platform. the GFX kick anything on a console anyway!

Worthy game!

lolhoofd says:

Assassins Creed is a kick ass game :) it rocks i have a 2.7 Ghz dual core processor with a X1950GT ati videocard and 2 GB 800 Mhz but even on 1024X768 and all graphic settingsw lowest i still can't play the game as it should be

lolhoofd says:

and Btw i think crysis is very like this game except that in assassins creed not EVERY person in the whole game is against you and being a assasin is realy cool and the freedom to move around is very nice PS: still can't play the game smooth with lowest settings

d1ddy says:

try 640x480 or 800x600 in resolution

SnoMan says:

lolhoofd - I'm not very familiar with the ATI range of graphics cards. Depending on the chipset/model you may find it's low on speed or throughput. I know some ATI cards don't have the stream processing grunt to put this stuff through.

I have done some checks, and the throughput of the 1950 chipset is around 44GB/s vs the 8800GT which gets 57GB/s. Check the following site:


Search for Article 131.

Might be time for an Nvidia based grunter! A little more expensive, but certainly worth it in terms of performance.

If you have set everything to lowest and you still have problems then I suspect your PC may have an issue. Temperature, virus or something else? Even with your graphics card I would have expected the game to run ok. Admittedly the DX10 version seems to run quicker on my machine than the DX9, but in your case I don't think the ATI 1950's can run DX10(?)

MenaceInc says:

nope,the x1950 is a DX9 card the last time i checked and even then,the HD 2XXX and 3XXX series's of cards that are DX10 were completely buggered up by ATI

FrozenIpaq says:

I'm going to try out this game soon, can't wait to finally play it (I've been waiting for the PC version rather than jump the gun early and get the 360 version). I'll report back on how it runs on my rig.

EDIT: Wait, isn't the PC version not out to retail yet :/

SnoMan says:

Damn - for some reason I get crashes when I try and enter Jerusalem. I've done Damascus and Acre, but each and every time I try go into Jerusalem the game locks solid in the intermediate screen where Altair stand in the clouds of the memory. Has anyone seen this? I'm gutted. I will try to back up my savegame, re-install this after running a drive diag and see what happens...not cool! I've seen a couple of wee glitches in-game too - funny shadows here and there, and glitchy shading on some characters...not quite enough to put me off yet...unless this Jerusalem issue doesn't get fixed!

SnoMan says:

fixed it...dodgy no DVD patch...

Zen says:

"the wicked are denied entry to the sacred city. Instead they are trapped in a cloudy gray space, a world between worlds"

hellohello says:

Well first off I have a question I was trying to play this on lower then the minimum settings and being such a moron I was looking for a run-around now i know there isn't but my true question is what would be "the best graphics card out?" because i'm not the one paying for it so :P may as well get the best, oh and yeah this game craps all over crysis sorry GPUX :(

milos84_mj says:

I get crashes when I try and enter Jerusalem. I've done Damascus and Acre, but each and every time I try go into Jerusalem the game locks solid in the intermediate screen where Altair stand in the clouds of the memory.whats the problem please tell me the game is cool and i cant play it now for this reason.please i wait your answer to fix this problem...

FrozenIpaq says:

That's because you pirated an early build of the game...good job ;) We can't help you with illegally downloaded files/games

d1ddy says:


renegade_ad says:

SnoMan says:

fixed it...dodgy no DVD patch...

March 7, 2008, 2:38 am

Hey snowman what no dvd patch did you use?????

Roe says:

lol @ all these people signing up to the forum especially for this thread

stsspike says:

i have the same problem

sametracks says:

hay """"snoMan"""" will u plz tell me did u manage to solove da ""Jerusalem""" issue.

i do have da same problem ""whenever i try entering jerrusalem i come accross dis issue...plz help me out.

Heero says:

hey snoman where did u get dvd patch plz tell us all the people have this problem or message me at my email i am w8ing for you to answer us

Roe says:

/me thinks this thread should be locked because people are signing up just to get a dvd patch for this.

MenaceInc says:

haha,agreed. (Y)

Heero says:

np i am download the repack now it's just been released 2day so i dont need that dodgy dvd patch anymore bb cya after downloading 6.42 gb again

bananabubu says:

i have a prob in assasins creed!!! whn i load the game everythings fine, the trailer was great. bt when i go to my menu, my graphics is lyk blinking and its lyk sum error on my pc... then i started the game and its the same.. i can play bt its quite annoying because the graphics keep blinking and lyk sum parts of the body is missing.

im running on nvdia 7300 and i dun think tats the prob. if fact dx10 is already installed. can any1 suggest wats the prob??

misterlewiswong says:

Hi Guys !! I have purchased Assassin's creed yesterday for PC. I have installed the game no problem but when I am trying to play it I get "Cannot locate CD-Rom" error message. I am unable to find a fix for this. I am running a AMD X2 64 5000+ with 2 gigs of ram and an ATI X1950 pro video and don't have any problems running any of the new games out there !! any clues ? Thanks. Louis.

Roe says:

Have you tried putting the CD-ROM into the drive by any chance?

amr20135 says:

when i press new game the game begin to load and then make don't send what is the proplem can any one answer me?

d1ddy says:

this thread should be locked or deleted.

amr20135 says:

any one answer please

x3sphere says:

Do you get an error? Have you tried updating your graphics card drivers?

amr20135 says:

no how can i make it

fritz123 says:

HI, this is regarding " misterlewiswong" post, i purchased the game to and had the same problem "Cannot locate CD-Rom". I fixed the problem by disabeling all virtual cd drives, if you have deamon tools or power iso or something like that, try to disabel them and run the game.

Hope this helps.

raamprakash86 says:

i am having a problem entering into Jerusalem...guys please help me out.......

Miyo says:

I got this game few days back... it runs 100% perfectly smooth on my beast of a machine... I got ALL graphics on full... 4/4 4/4 shadows 3/3, my resolution is something like 1440 x 990 75hz (at work, these might not be precise).

I love the game, the freedom to go anywhere, anytime! The assassinations... and especially the graphics and how smooooth it all runs!

Your probabaly wondering.. "what pc does he have...?!"


Windows Vista - QUAD Core Q6600 2.4ghz - 3GB DDR3 Ram - 768MB GeForce 8800 GTX - Shader Model 4.0 - DirectX 10 - and a recent sound blaster card. Forgotten something?

Never had a problem with the game... I've already entered Jerusalem many times...

One thing though... ANNOYING AS HELL... its only letting me play in windowed mode.. its 99% maximized but still not fully "inside" the game if you get what I mean... I see "Start" and in the bottom right hand corner the time and all the small icons.. and at the top its got the bar and the X for quit and the - to take down the page your on and ofcourse the square which when you press either minimizes or maximizes... however it wont let me press it, its grey... I've tried F11... windows button + tab... nothing! I've tried going into options and changing resolution or selecting "full screen mode" but nothing... Also, bottom and top of the screen are thick black lines making the screen quite small (whilst playing the game)... I didnt get a 20" monitor for this..

Any1 help? Cheers and happy assassinating!

MenaceInc says:

recently seen a setup similar to that in PC was the one my mum's ex got except it only had a 8400 in it....

as for the full screen thing,i'd have no idea...i'd maybe guess UAC has something to do with it...UAC always screws things up...haha...

i should build a new near

ohadisis says:

if i have nvidia geforce 9600 GT 512MB will assaisn's creed work on my computer???? ty for your help guys

pazlamb says:

I purchased Assassins Creed from PC World.I checked first with the tech guys if my computer would support it and they qouted"it should play it standing on its head"

My computer is Packard bell Imedia

3gb RAM

Quad Core Processor

32gb hard disk

NVIDIA GEFORCE 7050 Graphics

The intro movie is great but the game when i enter the menus is like in slow motion and when you play the game this is the same.Even the sound sounds slowed down.Mouse activity in the menus is dead slow too.HELP!Have i got a problem or is it my graphics card that is poo??My system rating in Vista says I am a 3 on my graphics but the computer i bought was advertised as suitable for intense gaming.Any suggestions would be greatfully received.

I also downloaded a demo of the new lego indiana jones game and this was similar in performance but slightly faster if this helps....

Harlock says:

I'd get it on the PC cause.....well I have a great gaming PC that I already dont need to go get console for looks way better....i can control my music at my computer desk while playing...alt tab to a walkthru if i get stuck or alt tab to get on the web...while talking to a friend on vent, ...and its better with a 360 controller than the mouse and keyboard cause of the way you have to press the buttons and so on and so forth...mouse and keyboard is not the way to go for it on the PC, and for ppl that already ahve an uber gaming PC or have money then ya go with the PC version and use a gamepad on it...doesnt have to be xbox360 tho, ..oh and btw...u CANT DO ANY OF THIS ON A CONSOLE...PC is superior in everyway to consoles cause its flexible and u can do things consoles only dream QQ about the console vs PC arguement about this game

andersk1 says:

As you are all probably aware, the game only runs in Windows XP/ Windows vista 32-bit. If you have a Windows vista 64-bit, is it in any way possible to run the game? I have the best gaming computer on the market, though i'm not capable of running the game because i have Windows vista 64-bit. I hope someone can help me.

Richard says:

it running jus fine on my system, my specs are-


AMD ATHLON 5200+ processor (2.7GHz)

PCI NX8500GT (NVIDIA GeForce) Graphic card

d1ddy says:

MJLEWIS79 says:

Works great on my CORE2QUAD Q6700 2.6GHz 4GBz RAM

ATI HD3650

Jakecrunk says:

i have all the reqirements for this game but yet my computer is saying my game stopped working and i cant figure it out some one please help me. it plays the beginning video and shows the title screen and then it stops.

Jakecrunk says:

please contact me the previous comment at thanks

ayushgaur says:

can i play assassin on my laps whose config is as follow


4gb ram

ati hd3470



plz help its urgent>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

ayushgaur says:

my frd laptops configuration is as follows:


358mb intel 965 chipset

can he run crysis????

PR0fessor Burnt says:

no double posting

post count +1

ashvindx says:

To pazlamb: Your PC is anything but a gaming machine! The GeForce 7050 is good for watching movies but it's TOO TOO TOO WEAK for gaming! You better ask your shop for a free upgrade to a 9600GT or something similar since they claimed that it's a gaming machine when it's still an integrated video card machine!

Crysis and Assasins Creed work good on Acer 5920G (Core 2 T7300, GeForce 8600m GT, 2GB)

Lil_Stoner says:

i have

*AMD Turion 64x2 Mobile technology TL-58 (1.9 GHz,2x512 KB L2 cache)

*Up to 752MB NVIDIA GeForce 7000M TurboCache


*160GB HDD

please can somebody answer me,will i be able to play it on this regards

d1ddy says:

nawww man

Lil_Stoner says:

u think so ??

x3sphere says:

A 7000M graphics card does not meet the minimum specifications for this game. Even if you manage to get it running, it'll be a lag-fest. Since it's a laptop you probably can't upgrade it either.

solarnoise says:

I can't believe this thread is still going...

Go to this page, select the game from the drop down list, install the plugin, and it will tell you

aries says:

y the game stops after d movie on d beggining can anyone help me wats d problem,tnx i appreciate it

drilon says:

guys do u thinks its gonna work in my pc ive got 1 gb ram memory and 256mb graphics can u tell me plzz ??

hero16 says:

I have 2x4870 512 ATI raddeon crossfired quad core on 2600 q 8800 intel 4gigs ram. Think i shoud update to 2x4890 ati's with 8 gigs to run this on ultimate ?

MenaceInc says:

nope,you should be able to run it perfectly with those specs

aqeel says:

hello my intel p4 2ghz processaor 1gb ram ati rndon x1300 256mb graphic card assess creed game running very nice but in memorry block part 2 some probelm all around yello lines tell me its my graphic probem or other my deiect x 10 versino plz tell me any body

aqeel says:

i comleete one part memorry block 1 but second part memorry block 2 all around yello lines yes yesss

aqeel says:

my ati randon x1300256mb pixel shader 3 but second paart all around yeaalow line

x3sphere says:

Think it's time to put this thread to bed.

you say: