Nintendo’s Financial State Is Looking Up: 3DS Soon To Eclipse 3 Million Unit Sales, Mario Kart 7 Sells 420K

by Mike Bendel on December 6, 2011 @ 11:36 am

Nintendo 3DS momentum is strong, with sales on the verge of eclipsing the 3 million unit mark according to Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata. At the current rate, the milestone will be hit two weeks faster than its predecessor, the DS.

Additionally, Nikkei reports (translated by Andriasang) that Mario Kart 7 has sold an upwards of 420,000 units in Japan — nearly double that of the DS iteration. It would seem that bustling 3DS sales, combined with key software launches have pushed Nintendo back onto the road to profitability, despite posting a financial loss earlier this year. Iwata expects the firm to make a recovery financially in the next fiscal term.

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hush404 says:

Whoda thunk that releasing decent titles would equal sales?! :P

Craig Fairfax says:

Nintendo has been riding the wave of brand loyalty for a hot minute now.

you say:

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