PS Vita App Catalog Expands With Paint Park Tomorrow, Treasure Park and Wake Up Club To Follow

by Mike Bendel on April 17, 2012 @ 11:31 am

The app section on the PlayStation Store is lacking in terms of selection right now, but strides are being made to change that. Sony has announced that a trio of apps are on the way, beginning with Paint Park tomorrow, a doodling app that utilizes the Vita’s touchscreen and camera functionality. It also features an adhoc-powered multiplayer component that lets users “share their work and even compete with up to five friends.”

Later this summer will see the arrival of Treasure Park, which allows users to create and share puzzles. That will be followed up by Wake-Up Club, “an alarm clock that can sync up with other PS Vita users who set their alarm for the same time.”

Here’s hoping that we’ll see more in terms of app availability once the cross-platform PS Suite SDK hits open beta status, which will allow small-time developers to get their work published.

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