Sony Preps ‘See the Future’ Showcase for February 20

by Mike Bendel January 31, 2013 @ 3:16 pm

Ahead of its Destination PlayStation event, Sony is prepping a big announcement at 6 p.m. EST on February 20. The company also posted a teaser video on YouTube for the impending announcement (seen after the break), entitled ‘See the Future.’ Beyond that, details are unknown.

Is Sony planning to announce details on its next-gen plans ahead of E3 with an early unveiling of the PS4? Time will tell. This event seems a little more significant than your usual games showcase.

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Trigun says:

I am expecting disappointment. And "Target Renders" (like last time..)

And i'm certainly not expecting anything on par with Luminous/UE4 demos.

Seth says:

Well someone really jummping the gun.

Here hoping it under 500 and I can get one pre ordered on amazon

hush404 says:

I hope it's a time machine! XD

slicer4ever says:


FrozenIpaq says:

Just found out it is in NYC, should've tried to get in there. Probably would've been a long shot but NYC it just a few hours away from me :( So close yet so far! Definitely going to be watching the live stream tomorrow (6pm EST though is later than I would've liked).

you say: