Wii Mini Heads to the UK on Mar. 22

by David Sanchez on February 26, 2013 @ 12:52 pm

Wii Mini

The Wii Mini, which launched in Canada back in December for $99.99, is headed to the UK. The announcement was made by Nintendo, and it looks like this will be the exact same model in color and specs.

In case you’re wondering, those specs are pretty bare. The Wii Mini can play your Wii games, but it has no backward compatibility with GameCube titles. Additionally, it doesn’t feature SD card slots, and internet connectivity is also missing.

I hope this comes to North America next. I really only went to shell out the 100 bucks because of the sheer novelty of the Wii Mini. It’s like a tiny black and red paperweight with the Wii logo on it!

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