Update: Firmware 4.01 Now Available, Features Improved Video Playback

by Mike Bendel June 24, 2008 @ 6:46 pm

Update: As promised, firmware 4.01 is now available for download on Network Update. We’ve included a direct link to the update below if you wish to install it manually.

Sony’s Eric Lempel, director of PlayStation Network operations, has sent word that firmware 4.01 is scheduled to be released soon. The update will include two main changes, the latter being improved video playback for certain file types.

* Display of search results under Internet Search has been improved for certain languages.
* Playback of video content under Video has been improved for certain file types.

Would be nice to know which file types. Does this mean DivX and XviD format files will finally be playable through the PSP’s built-in video player? Maybe, but if so, you’d think Sony would at least mention it, instead of vaguely stating that compatibility has been improved. Either way, we’ll find out for sure when the firmware is released.

Download PSP Firmware 4.01

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B2K24 says:

GOD why can't they list the filetypes and why didn't they just add this to 4.00

ahhhhhhhhh sony WTF

skparasite says:

Maybe they are trying to make the life of us more difficult by release small updates rather than one huge one...then again, it could be just improvement on current video playback...

I wouldn't really be surprised if it was just some small improvements. :/

Sony just release Divx/Xvid playback already so that I don't have to waste space on silly mp4s.

frosty5689 says:

Sony and their stupid way of saying "Improved ..."

CoMbiNa says:

I don't think the decryption has changed, M33 can just build the extra features on that version, no?

x3sphere says:

Pretty much; nothing has changed in 4.01 in terms of security.

TimTiger says:

wow within one week they put out a patch to the 4.00 firmware... good going sony

Fred Smith says:

4.00 released

I losing my mind, but that a different story. I look at Sony's firmware update page every day and I never saw the release of 4.00 on the North America site. Is this true or am I losing a different part of my brain now?

I keep a running collection of official releases that why I am asking.

Oh, by the way, 4.01 is on the NA site this morning.

Hanzo_f19 says:

@fred smith: You're right! I did the same.

Chilly Willy says:

4.00 was only "officially" released in the forum by an administrator. It might have been an accident, and was meant to be internal only, with 4.01 meant as the official 4.00 release. That would explain why 4.00 never got any fanfare, and never showed on the Sony update web page.

dpwykes says:

4.00 was released on the UK site

See here for details


x3sphere says:

It was released on the Japanese site as well. SCEA is just slow at updating the firmware page on the U.S. site.

icedman204 says:

i wonder if DAX just scrapped 4.00 and just went towards making this an M33 CFW

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