Clip: Native PSP Store In Action

by Mike Bendel October 14, 2008 @ 12:36 pm

Sony’s Grace Chen walks us through the recently announced direct PSP store that is set to appear in firmware 5.0. Sporting the same look and feel of the current PS3 store, users will be able to download content straight from their PSP via WiFi connection. New features have been added, such as the ability to redeem PlayStation Network vouchers through the store’s interface. Look for firmware 5.0 to be available on Network Update tomorrow.

Firmware 5.0 Demo: PlayStation Store on PSP [PS Blog]

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Mentality says:

Where's the contact list, I can't think of any reason not to put this on so you can contact your friends on the move, ie - let them know when you will be home for a gaming session, clan match or whatever. A shame really.

x3sphere says:

Agreed! It would be nice if they brought the same friends list feature PS3 has over to PSP. Hopefully we'll see it in a future update, I see no reason why it wouldn't be possible.

dennis96411 says:

WTF? PS3 gets an flash update?! What about the good ol' PSP? I don't even use the PS Store. Come on Sony, make something useful! Like a built-in ad-hoc messenger like the DS, or upgrade the flash player to 7 at least. If the slim has extra 32 MB of RAM, why do I still get so much memory error in the browser? Can't they use that RAM? And what about the Text RSS Reader? It was a great idea!

CoMbiNa says:

I wonder how many days will pass till they hack it

ekmuas says:

god i hate they way she talks, she sounds like if a her big tongue is getting in the way of her speaking

YoKo says:

Can i have Grace please? :D

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