Gnarly Pong Tech Demo

by Mike Bendel March 6, 2009 @ 12:37 pm

Feeling trippy? Check out A_Noob’s latest homebrew effort, a psychedelic-like pong game dubbed Gnarly Pong. We used the term “game” here loosely, as it is more of a tech demo at this point, solely featuring a pair of opponents controlled entirely by computer AI.

A_Noob mentions the title is a showcase of his custom built “Gear Works” game engine. Whether he plans to develop it into a full fledged game at this point is unknown, but we’re keeping hope. The sublime visual effects do well to separate this from the countless amount of other Pong clones on PSP.

Download Gnarly Pong Tech Demo

[Release] Gnar Pong [MfM]

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