Apollonia v0.03

by Mike Bendel March 15, 2009 @ 6:51 pm

The team of homebrew developers over at Code Tactics have released an update to their Jungle Strike esque helicopter combat game Apollonia. Played from a isometric perspective, players are tasked with going rambo on rogue military camps and establishments. Highlights in version 0.3 include various performance-centric enhancements designed to take advantage of the PSP’s VFPU processor, as well as numerous bug fixes. Full changelog is after the jump.

* Added some new buildings.
* Improved performance on PSP.
* Improved particle engine.
* Fixed renderer to support OpenGL versions less that 2.0.
* Fixed crash in control screen.
* Fixed error in paths to resources in Linux.

Download Apollonia v0.03

latest news – codetactics [Code Tactics]

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