No Ubidays for 2009

by Mike Bendel April 9, 2009 @ 10:47 am

Ubisoft has decided to drop its Ubidays media event this year. While the show once served as a glittering showcase of upcoming and recently released Ubisoft titles, the publisher now plans to focus its attention solely on the three main regional events of E3, GamesCom, and Tokyo Games Show.

With regards to Ubidays, with the E3 event in the US, the GamesCom in Europe and Tokyo Games Show in Japan, we think that we’ll have great outlets to present our creativity and innovation to a worldwide audience and will therefore reconsider our plans. There won’t be a Ubidays this year.

Held at the Louvre museum in France, last year’s Ubidays was quite the success, with over 1,000 journalists attending. SEGA and THQ pulled a similar move as well, having axed plans to host their Business Partners Summit event. Clearly the introduction of a larger E3 expo is eliminating the need for most of these smaller shows.

Ubisoft drops Ubidays [MCV]

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