Homebrew On All PSPs Now A Reality: ChickHEN for Firmware 5.03 Released

by Mike Bendel May 6, 2009 @ 11:02 am

Update: The bug preventing homebrew from functioning correctly in the previous release has been fixed, albeit unofficially. A fixed h.bin is included in the archive below courtesy of maibrithahn.

After weeks filled with exciting progress updates and breakthroughs, Team Typhoon are group lead Davee are in the limelight once again. The moment you’ve been waiting for is here, as HEN — now given the clever name of ChickHEN — for firmware 5.03 is finally here. Making the once impossible now possible, the initial release brings full homebrew support to all current PSP models, including the coveted PSP-3000.

It’s pertinent to note that those running firmware 5.50 on their PSP will not be able to take advantage of this homebrew-enabling exploit, due to a TIFF vulnerability being patched. For those that have been following the progress made up until now, hopefully you managed to avoid the pesky upgrade bug.

Download ChickHEN for Firmware 5.03

ChickHEN Homebrew Enabler [Davee via MforMature]

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