Rumor: PlayStation Store Expanding, Opening Doors To More Developers

by Mike Bendel June 12, 2009 @ 3:58 pm

The PSPgo may be more of a competitor to Apple’s iTouch than we originally thought, as rumor has it that Sony is opening up its PlayStation Store to a wider group of developers, paving the way for small games and apps to be released on the service.

Destructoid reports that software falling under this category is expected to cost within the range of $2-6 dollars, and will be given its own space on the store. Sources say a size cap of 100MB is being placed on all releases, free or paid. Fueling talk of this move is the fact that Sony announced during its E3 press conference that PSP development tools recently received a reduction in price.

Considering the core hardware is the same, we’d assume access to this content will extend to all PSP owners, regardless of model or iteration. Sony is reportedly already in talks with developers over this initiative, with official word coming this August at Gamescom. The first games and apps are expected to make an appearance in Q4.

Rumor: Sony to unveil PSPgo apps, small games at Games Con [Destructoid]

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