Eric Lempel Weighs In On PS3 Clock Overlay Glitch, Says Fix Is Coming

by Mike Bendel July 8, 2009 @ 12:52 am

Speaking in a recent interview with PC World, PlayStation Network director Eric Lempel weighed in on the infamous PS3 clock overlay glitch that cropped up when in-game XMB functionality was added.

For those not clued up on the situation at hand, when pressing the PS button while in-game the battery indicator overlaps that of the clock overlay for a couple seconds before fading out of view. While far from a crucial issue, it is rather embarrassing for Sony as this particular bug has stuck around for over a year now. People often crack jokes in reference to whether it was fixed or not whenever a new firmware update hits.

For those clamoring for a fix, Lempel assures one is coming. Sooner rather than later, we hope.

I personally don’t like that either, and it’s something that’s definitely being corrected. You can put me in the angry camp.

All we can say is: it’s about time.

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