Sony May Be Phasing Out 80GB PS3 In Japan

by Mike Bendel August 3, 2009 @ 11:53 pm

The 80GB PS3 model may be on its way out in Japan, a move which would leave only the premium-tiered 160GB unit left. According to a snapshot of an internal memo from retailer 7-Eleven, orders for all variations of the 80GB PS3 configuration are being ceased on August 9 at 10am.

Whether other Japanese retailers have received similar instructions from Sony or not is unknown at this point.

Curiously, the memo also mentions that in-store displays referencing the 80GB unit must be taken down by the aforementioned date. Making way for the inevitable yet still rumored PS3 Slim model? It certainly seems likely. With TGS right around the corner, perhaps an official announcement is not far off.

ダミーパッケージも撤去指示、セブンイレブンに届いたPS3出荷停止の通知書の内容とは [Blog via Kotaku]

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