AutoStart v5.5

by Mike Bendel December 19, 2009 @ 4:45 pm

Homebrew developer Roe-ur-boat has released an update to AutoStart PRX, a custom firmware plugin that allows users to conveniently launch any application or game by binding it to a button combination of their choosing. The included configuration file supports to up 10 entries. Additionally, an optional configuration parameter enables users to specify a auto launch entry when no buttons are pressed.

Featuring an easier to use options menu and improved compatibility with applications that take advantage of exit callbacks such as iRShell, various usability focused bug fixes are included in this release. The complete changelog  can be found after the break.

* Changed the hooking method, apps like iRshell’s exit game works correctly now.
* Fixed the bug where you couldn’t turn back on the screen if turned off.
* The constant LED blinking on startup shouldn’t happen anymore.
* Made the text in the options menu easier to understand.

AutoStart v5.5 Download

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