PlayStation VP Suggests PS2 Classics Are PSN Inbound

by Mike Bendel February 2, 2010 @ 4:25 pm

It’s no secret that Sony has been mulling over the idea of bringing select titles from its PS2 backcatalog to PlayStation Network. Such a move would make plenty of sense, given the amount of storage capacity PS3 units have coupled with the fact that broadband connections of today have little trouble pulling down a full DVD worth of data in less than a couple hours.

As much as this initiative screams no-brainer, it still remains a pipe dream. Perhaps a not so distant one, however, as comments made by PlayStation senior VP Peter Dille in a recent IGN interview¬† strongly suggest that Sony is in the process of rolling out PS2 classics on PSN. What’s more, is that they are sweet talking third parties into backing their digital aspirations:

From our side, we’re going through our own studio organization and trying to make sure all these old games are out there so that we can lead by example, but we’re also communicating with all the third-parties about the success of the Final Fantasy games, and other PS1 and PS2 classics.

Not a direct confirmation by any stretch, but Dille’s words do offer a tinge of hope.

End Bosses: Sony’s Peter Dille [IGN]

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