PSP Homebrew: Battery Warning Plugin v0.3.1

by Mike Bendel February 4, 2010 @ 7:15 pm

Let’s face it, the PSP’s approach to notifying end-users that their battery is in need of a recharge isn’t exactly obvious, especially when your thumb is covering the LED power indicator at times. In response to this dilemma, homebrew developer Zack has devised a custom firmware plugin dubbed Battery Warning Plugin. As the name implies, it displays a on-screen warning message when remaining battery power reaches a certain threshold, in this case 15 percent.

Quite handy, we say. Now you’ll have ample time to react to a low battery in midst of playing a game. Zack notes that future releases will incorporate a configuration manager. Grab the latest build at the link below.

Download Battery Warning Plugin v0.3.1

Release Thread

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