Killzone Developer Talks New IP

by Mike Bendel July 31, 2010 @ 12:45 pm

Guerrilla Games of Killzone fame is working on a new IP, managing director Herman Hulst revealed in a recent interview with Dutch-based game magazine Control.

Although details are scant, Hulst noted that the project is still in the concept stage. Development is expected to ramp up following the release of Killzone 3 in February. In an effort to gather ideas for the project, Guerrilla polled its own employee base, inviting them to pitch concepts — a strategy Hulst called “typical” of Dutch-based studios.

No hint or indication towards a possible target genre was given. Given Guerrilla’s warfare-centric background, we’d place bets on another shooter. There’s always the minute chance they may take an entirely new direction, though.

Hermen Hulst: “Guerrilla werkt aan nieuw IP” [Control]

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