PSP Custom Firmware 3.52-M33-3 Released

by Mike Bendel August 19, 2007 @ 1:59 am

As promised, today Team M33 have rolled out the third update to its 3.52 custom firmware series, featuring Video UMD support as well as improved popsloader compatibility.


– Added more speeds: 75 and 133.
– Added flash2 and flash3 usb to recovery
– Added a setting in recovery to change the usb device to which XMB will connect.
– Added “vshmenu”, which is a menu that will appear when HOME is pressed in the XMB. It will interfere with existing
XMB plugins that use HOME, so it can be disabled in recovery.
– Added UMD video iso support. The UMD video isos are played using vshmenu. Video isos go in
/ISO/VIDEO folder. They require an UMD inserted because NO-UMD does not work.

Changes in popsloader:

– Support for 3.30 firmware. Instructions are same as in previous release, except 3.30
firmware did not have libpspvmc.prx, so just ignore that file.
– Warning: There is an incompatibility between 3.30 savedata and later ones. If a savedata exists from 3.40+, the emulator will freeze.

Some notes about the usage of vshmenu, and UMD video isos:

– vshmenu cannot be loaded when the browser is active. If you exit the browser, the firmware will
still keep it in memory until you enter other area of XMB, until you do so, you will not be able
to access vshmenu again either.
– video isos and the game isos show in XMB use the same core. Due to this, when you enter in game
menu and there is some iso, if a video iso was currently mounted, it will automatically be unmounted.

– cso format is not supported for video isos.

– UMD audio isos are theoretically supported, but not tested. They go to /ISO/VIDEO.

Remember, you must be running any previous version of 3.52 M33 to apply this update. To install the update, just copy over the PSP folder contained in the archive to your memory stick, then navigate to the Game menu and execute the update.

Download Custom Firmware 3.52-M33-3 Update / Donate to Team M33

PSP 3.52 M33-3 [Team M33]

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