PS Jailbreak Cloned, Ported To Teensy++ USB Chip

by Mike Bendel August 31, 2010 @ 4:54 pm

Homebrew developer and administrator of partner site Mathieulh has confirmed that a group of devs he is working closely with have successfully cloned the yet-to-be released PS Jailbreak USB modchip. What’s more, is that they’ve ported over the code to a programmable USB chip known as the Teensy++.

In regards to when other USB chips will receive similar treatment, Mathieulh noted that there is “no ETA.” His full tweet is below:

Right now as far as I know the (original clone) code has been ported to the Teensy ++ There is no ETA as to any other devices so far.

Fun times ahead. For those interested, programmable Teensy++ boards are available at PJRC for the reasonable sum of $24, which comes out to approximately $30 after shipping dues. Certainly beats paying ridiculous amounts of money for the so-called “official” solution.

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