PS3 FTP Server Released

by Mike Bendel September 7, 2010 @ 1:13 pm

Developer CJPC has released an FTP server app for the PS3, giving users full read and write access to the PS3’s internal hard drive, in addition to flash partitions dev_flash2 and dev_flash3.

Usage is fairly self explanatory, provided your PS3 is hacked and running on firmware 3.41. With your choice of USB exploit activated, simply install the package and connect to your PS3’s network IP under the username FTPD12345. The readme notes that certain system files are writable, so be careful! Additional usage notes are detailed below.

To use:

Connect with your choice of FTP client – Prefered is the old “ftp” from the command line, however Filezilla seems to work, allowing only one connection, and disabling PASV support.
Furthermore, the Server does not support some commands (like rename, of all things!) so make sure what you do counts!

Use the IP shown on the screen – make sure to have your net connection up and running before hand (wired is so much faster)
Connect to that IP, port 21, use the username: FTPD12345, and whatever password you like. I could have removed the username check in the library, but I’m lazy!
Be careful, some of the flash contents ARE writable , nobody is responsible for what you do to your PS3 but you!


Can not write to dev_flash
Can not rename files
Buggy as hell (randomly crashes, blame Sony!)
Files > 4GB increments show as the difference, for example a 6GB file shows as “2gb”, or a 11gb file shows as 3gb – It will download, well past 100% , just let it keep going!

PS3 FTP Server Homebrew Application Is Released [PS3News]

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