PSFreedom PS3 Hack Graces iPhone, iPod Touch

by Mike Bendel September 10, 2010 @ 5:13 pm

Courtesy of homebrew developer NTAuthority, you can now use your iPhone and iPod Touch to hack the PS3. The PSFreedom codebase has been ported over, with one not-so-small caveat: it only works on 2G and 3G iPhone models and 1G revisions of the Touch.

Additionally, as this is considered a preliminary release, there’s a little bit of manual labor involved in setting things up, as noted in the supplied readme. Nothing terribly daunting, though:

Just a small testing release of PSFreedom for iPhoneLinux.

A precompiled kernel/initrd is in the iPT1G folder, the USB kernel
patch is in the PSFreedom/iphone folder. It should be applied to
kernel_common from the iDroid-Project user on github as detailed on
the web site.

The android.img.gz is the initrd plus a testing boot script, the
.ko should go in /lib in it.

To build PSF, use ‘make clean && make iphone’ from the PSFreedom
folder as usual.

At the time, Backup Manager isn’t working (and no, it’s not due to
the /dev_bdvd patch), but I’m working on fixing that.

Don’t expect too many support, as this is just an ‘early’ preview.

Booting the initrd will work by using the ‘Android’ menu option in
OpeniBoot. Once the screen starts filling up with ‘INIT’ you can do
the starting as usual with ‘jailbreak’ devices. Note that the iPhone
should be the only device plugged in the PS3’s USB ports.

— NTAuthority (2010-09-10)

IPhoneLinux [PSFreedom Wiki]

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