PSGroove ‘Apploader’ Fork Enables USB Homebrew Booting

by Mike Bendel September 13, 2010 @ 7:12 pm

Now this is groovy — homebrew developer Aaron Lindsay has forked the PSGroove codebase, introducing a new “Apploader’ payload. In essence, what this does is allow users to run PS3 homebrew in extracted PKG format under a common “PS3_GAME” folder.

For instance, you can create subdirectories inside of “PS3_GAME” that correspond to each application, copy over the extracted files in each, and presto: your homebrew will instantly show up from within the XMB Game menu without having to install any package files.

There is one snag, however. The EBOOT.BIN file extracted from any PKG requires modification before it will boot straight off a USB stick. We have a feeling automated tools that perform the necessary modifications will be released shortly, so hang tight.

Currently, only source code is available for the Apploader fork on Lindsay’s GitHub page, which can be accessed below.

PSGroove Apploader Fork [GitHub]

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