PS2 Backwards Compatibility Device Patent Filed By Sony Japan

by Mike Bendel September 14, 2010 @ 1:11 pm

Sony may be responding to cries for PS2 backwards compatibility — which was removed from later PS3 units — in a slightly unorthodox way. A recent patent dug up by the information sleuths over at Siliconera reveals that Sony is exploring the possibility of an adapter that, when hooked up to the PS3, allows playback of PS2 format titles.

A schematic, shown above, gives a detailed run-down of the hardware involved. It’s essentially a mini-PS2 designed to interface with the PS3. The device has its own dedicated CPU, sound processor, and graphics processor.

Of course, as this is only a patent, it in no way means the idea will eventually materialize. Still, it’s evident that Sony is still exploring ways to bring back PS2 compatibility. Good news for those who weren’t fortunate enough to snag a PS3 early on and want to play their old PS2 titles on the new platform.

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