PS3 GameOS Homebrew: SNES9X Emulator

by Mike Bendel September 18, 2010 @ 2:56 pm

You knew it was bound to happen eventually: emulators running under GameOS. Developer eiz has cooked up a rough port of SNES9X for the PS3. According to the release notes, it currently lacks the usual trimmings, such as save state support and a user interface. Here’s a snip from the included readme:

* Lots of snes9x features are not supported yet. No save states, for example. Most of these are really simple to implement.
* Sound code is rubbish. It more or less works, but you’ll probably hear the occasional skip.
* Performance isn’t great.
* UI. Or rather, there isn’t one.
* So much more.

To load ROMs, simply copy them over to the root directory of your USB device. SNES9X scans the drive for compatible files on boot. No doubt, this is a quick and dirty port, but still nice to see nonetheless.

via eiz’s github

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