Dreamcast Emulation Hits PS3: nullDC In Action

by Mike Bendel September 21, 2010 @ 2:55 pm

What better way to leverage the PS3’s computational prowess than with a Dreamcast emulator? It’s quite a jump from the 16-bit SNES, however, homebrew developer drk||Raziel has taken to the challenge with a port of his very own nullDC.

Take note: this is still an early build, as evidenced by numerous graphical glitches and sluggish frame rates. Still, it’s extremely impressive when you consider it was whipped up in a matter of weeks! Give it another month or two and this work-in-progress may reach playable status.

Check out the video above for a glimpse at nullDC PS3 in action. On a side note, drk||Raziel is still without a PS3, relying only on beta testers to debug. Donations are welcomed if you’re interested in helping him out.

Thanks, PSGroove.com.

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