Stable PS3 FTP Server Released

by Mike Bendel September 23, 2010 @ 10:43 pm

The blackb0x crew has come to the rescue with a much-needed alternative to the previously released FTP server for PS3. blackb0x’s take features threading support for fast, simultaneous file transfers across a LAN or WiFi connection.

Unlike CJPC’s (admittedly) buggy equivalent, it is crash-free and does not lock up or sporadically drop connection between network transfers, a plus in our book! Installation and usage instructions are below, which assume you have run PSGroove or any of its variants on a 3.41 unit:

Install the PKG to your ps3 (you should know how to do
this by now) then run blackb0x FTP. You can now connect
to your PS3 via the PC FTP client of your choice. Just
fill in your PS3′s IP, port 21, and leave username, and
password blank. To quit the app either press X, or quit
via ingame XMB.

blackb0x Releases FTP Server 1.0b []

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